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The Classic Goo monster in an h2g2 T shirtA little about me:

IRL, I'm a native New Yorker who now lives in the U.S. Midwest, although where I live isn't all that far west, and not really mid anything, but I digress. I'm originally from Long Island, and I'm an artist smiley - artist. I've been bouncing back and forth between web design and print design, but I prefer web design.

I love to paint, but never get the chance to do much of it. My new passion is gardening. I finally own a home on a big plot of land, and I love to garden ... and can my own veggies! Whodathunk a City Girl like me would be doing something so Country?!



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Just call me Mrs. TJ

I met the most wonderful man on the planet here on h2g2. I'm married to the ungrumpy mushy TJ.

That's us!
The ever-Warlordly Clive the flying ostrich wrote a wonderful article in the h2g2 Postsmiley - thepost about the wedding! Check it out!

TJ and I met here on h2g2 in the Thingite camp smiley - spork in the wee hours of the morning, and the rest, as they say, is history. I apologize to the good Researchers here for making him all content and happy ... he doesn't come online here anymore! smiley - blue

To have found my soulmate at this time of my life, and right here on h2g2 is a wonder to me. The chances of us ever meeting at all were so slim, and yet here we are, spending the rest of our lives together. h2g2 is a magical place!

I thought I was happy, but I now know what happiness really is. I thought I was incapable of falling in love, but I have fallen blissfully head over heels. I thought I was whole, but I have now found my other half.

Did I mention how happy I am? smiley - loveblush

Me and TJ with the infamous bowl!

Me and my sweetie!


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