March Hare's Almost Fascinating Burrow-Tree

This is March Hare... I'm now a researcher in memory of the great man who started this all. Cheers! smiley - cheers

Of course, I couldn't exist on this Guide without paying direct tribute to DNA himself, so to save a lot of words that I can't find, visit the space of Douglas Adams, where there is now a tribute and many, many links to things he's done. Douglas Adams, you are missed.

And, to make this page a bit more interesting for everyone, as I begin my Hitchhiker's journey, here is a cookie recipe (apologies to those allergic):

  • 1 cup peanut butter
  • 1 cup white sugar
  • 1 egg

Beat together in a bowl. Make little balls and put them on a cookie sheet and flatten them with a fork. Throw 'em into a preheated 350 degree oven and watch carefully after about 8 minutes. It works, really!

smiley - nahnah

Who's watching your every move?

I would like to warn everyone...

..that I am a really poor typist. I am an excellent speller and grammarian, but I am a really lousy typist. And apparently not a very good proofreader either. So please forgive me and overlook greivous (and silly-stupid) typing errors in my posts. (And notify me if you see one on my space! Please!)

I would also like to warn everyone that this page was created with Goo in mind, and looks better as such. However, if you really don't believe me, then take a look at it in Alabaster.

A Fascinating Game

I decided to post a game I learned about some time ago, as a Guide entry. Here is a link to the game known as The Cube. Go ahead, link to it and try it out. It's really quite fascinating.

smiley - elf

Big news!!

Amy Pawloski (aka The Paper Lady) is having a baby! Visit her Baby Shower Page to wish her luck and mufflewhumps! Congratulations, Amy (and Tom)! smiley - cheers

Most Excellent Links of the Rabbit Realm

Peoples To Visit

  • Here is Mistdancer, an ACE, Guru, and nifty person.
  • And here is Ottox, another ACE (and Guru as well) and truly cool individual.
  • Dancer, a Guru and Scout, has almost the whole Guide on a single page.
  • I just found too many interesting people, so I thought I'd put in a pull-down menu to keep track of them all.smiley - biggrinMany Many PeoplesAmy PawloskiMikey the Humming MouseSylviaYowuzupmanZarquon's Singing FishWayfarerClive the Flying OstrichMetal ChickenEnglanderDastardlySilent LucidityAfgncaap5DoctorMOAmy the AntWalleye PriestessStormrunnerMaWUncle Heavy

Manifestos and Guide Radicals

  • This is the location of the Thingite Manifesto. I am Commander of the Thingite Lemming Army. Beware my lethal rodents... They are ready to die for their cause.
  • Perhaps the most revolutionary faction on the Guide, the Zaphodistas are a group who want complete and total Guide liberation. While I myself do not fully agree with all their demands and such (perhaps I'm just too much of a young 'un), I sympathise with their spirit and believe them to have a good cause.

Groups on the Guide, Of A Silly Nature and Otherwise

  • Keepers, as may be obvious, keep things. smiley - smiley I have been bestowed the title Keeper of Lily-of-the-Valley patches, the souls of rabbits and of guinea-pigs and lesser rodents, and of misplaced moonbeams especially those carrying incomprehensible cosmic thought.
  • In the Ministry of Favourite Colours, each color will be assigned a minister until the whole rainbow (and beyond) is filled. ... I am the Minister of Brilliant Teal Blue.
  • Visit the Musehome for divine, inspired creativity and artistry. As the Muse of Faerie Rings, I welcome and invite you.
  • Those with a mind to Higher Education may inquire at The University of Mice, where I am Professor of Lagomorphology.

Places to Visit and Other Picturesque Locations

  • Look me up in the Natural History Museum; I'm under "Lagomorphia". smiley - bunny
  • Here is a space for one of my personal vices, the h2g2 Astronomy Society.smiley - marssmiley - crescentmoonsmiley - earth
  • The Noticeboard is the place for announcements and the like.
  • Try your brain at the H2IQ Quiz, there's a new question daily.
  • This will take you to Mistdancer's Page of Links, a very useful link page.
  • Whose Line Is It Anyway contains interesting and fun ways to while away the hours (should you be lacking in Guide activities). The posting thread "Questions Only" on this space won out in the race versus the Thingite posting thread "No no no" as the first one to reach 10k posts!
  • Here is a space belonging to a fellow who has set up a garden in memory of the man himself... So feel free to visit the Conversation and plant a froody plant in memory of Douglas Adams. smiley - tea
  • The Knights of the Round Table guard the precious land of Blockheads, the LegoLand Realm.
  • Know of a smiley that should exist and doesn't yet? Post on the list of future smileys, and see what other people have thought of.

Stuff In The Works

Want to see Entries and University projects in the making? Ever wonder how they go from bits of type, floating about the Guide, to a coherent, edited Entry? Check out the projects going on now:

Resources on the Guide

Don't forget, following the links upon links from the above pages will surely get you everywhere. smiley - rocket

Another grouping of interesting links are for those which are the structure of the Guide: Volunteers. Beneath are Badges I aspire to one day proudly show upon my space:

And meet the full-time staff, the Team that are the core of the existing Guide, the ones who work hard to hold the Guide up.

smiley - wizard

And, of course, look amongst my Conversations to see where I've been lately! Many many cool places to visit, if you follow the leads of the threads.

Let me know if there are interesting places to visit! I'll put a link up!

This is a page under construction...

Watch for updates! I'll be adding more and more links as I figure out where the demonbunny I'm going!

smiley - bunny


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