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I have to say that I find characterisation by sun-sign an interesting, useful and seductively accurate way of defining character and behaviour.
a girl called Ben ♈
A green dragon
bloody geminis
Blues Shark
Respondents by Sun Sign AriesAbbi normal agcBenAlicat Artisan AuralyraCaframChupacabraCrazy Man Detective Armani DogManStarFattylizardMetal Chicken MozeldaNim the catSt. broelan St. tar-palantir Sergeant 'Indiana' Mushroom SylviaThatpratTubeWimblinTotal 21------------------------------- TaurusArchangel Galaxy BabeArwenAstroLionCaptain KebabCarinoDr E VibensteinDragonqueenGeoff's BLACK sideHoonHNM ChaiwallahJohnny VoodooJust Me,queen Lady Neugen BigeyesLifson Kofie LoonycatMaggyWMUSTANG-SALLYNextonOther PersonSerenityThe Mayan TemplarThe Paladin-KnightTotal 22------------------------------- GeminiAljiCarolCoelacanthEarthmoonEm EndangeredSpeciesGhiaGranny Weatherwax Im-Naughty-But-NiceJabberwockJack NaplesJazzedupcurryJezKevoLynne...lurkerMinaMadHankNaarkNessieoftheshorthairNot-so-paranoid androidNyssabirdPanche BePurple dragonRuby-LoveSpir-AnStellarPancakeSusanne TamWiggy:)80liuTotal 30------------------------------- CancerAK Amy † : ACEAnaraneBlueCrabCaerwynn: I'm not... ChikispiritDancerIanKazLightmanLouMade^in^HeavenMarch HareMingum, keeper of wordsMistdancerNjan ShagrathSnakeSsubnelTeasswill VIPWøñkøTotal 22------------------------------- LeoAmy the Ant AnimbusCaptain_SpankMunki EuanFreedomfriendlywithteethHistrelJJedi Apprentice MadentMadmum22MmmminxyPug the Mini-physicistQuilleSir Mort -of the Lunar EclipseSmilodon SyrenTabitca Keeper of tatty fleabagsThe DragonladyXianTotal 19------------------------------- VirgoBrambleroseBumblerootClive the flying ostrich CreachyDragonDr. PibbHellboundforjoyJohn-the-gardener'Just Willow'Master BMrs. badcrumbleNudgenudgeOdoquid.animus.esse.animus.esseRitaShazzPRMESt Demon Drawer The Death of Rats THE KIDThe PencilQueenWazungumzaZarquon's Singing Fish! Total 21------------------------------- LibraCyzakiDella the Cat womanENOHAFire BatFords_prefect GingerElfJulesKoshanaLeopardskinfynnLightyearLisacatMickey Thomas'MicrowaveableMother of GodNeobradPedboySemisomna the Perpetually BefuddledToccataYa'know- that oneTotal 19------------------------------- ScorpioAloui KittenAntheaCaptain VenomCrispykatCymbeline (the cynic) DIZZYDrmegabiteExistential ElevatorFloh Frankie. Dc.-Anyone seen EgorGreta_9Honorary GodJEllenJ42Jimi XLab Assistant Lady LowenaLogicus LoobylaneMag RatteMissyNarapoiaOWLATRONSheaSkuggaThe 'Mazin' MadFiddler ThirstyhitchhikerTrillian's ChildWalleye priestessWhite wizard Total 29------------------------------- SagittariusAdams_RibAncreneArch-Blump BezDiversityDusankaHappyhappygirlLADY THUNDERWING Lost in Scotland Margaret-BMiz307Mojo's big stickNosferattaPAGANMOONResearcher LockeTiger TitaniawoolfcubTotal 17------------------------------- CapricornAthena, Muse of Philosophy ArcturusAzahar Ces CHeEky CHeRubCrocodilkaEddispond respondsGenie GTBacchus Kow[classic in my genre]Lord Smooth Peanut PridethRachael FentonSAMARKANDTanzenThe other omylouse Theanthropy? (AKA il viaggiatore)TsarinaUnconformityZantic Total 21------------------------------- AquariusAbiAngelicaheaven Angelus (aka Giles)BallynacBeaverBrother MaynardClio(crazyhorse)EggyFat Kelli Hati (so confused)InariKitsuneJerk Gently Jimster- jwf - kea KrystalLostitMarjin Michele - Doily MogulMidnight AngelPamelaPeriumPharmacopieaPheloxi* Romani Savik-the-LobsterTeuchterTHE SCOOBIES (Giles aka Angelus)The Seagull Has LandedTig of the PubTontoVirginia of BabylonTotal 32------------------------------- PiscesEdFlanker JaysonMLLadytrishaMLordWolfdenMandaRuupertti the Observer The Archangel Zax*: ThornthedruidguyWand'rin star Winter rae W****E ZaphodTotal 13------------------------------- 13th SignGnomonTotal 1-------------------------------
It would be interesting to take a poll on researcher's Sun signs. Who do you think would come top? Aquarians, Pisceans, Librans? The problem is we are much more than our Sun signs and reliability would depend on recognising many other factors in people's charts.
Zaphod: alchemically treated with "tickety-boo" tea

The colours of the spectrum, refracted through a diamond
How th' Sun doth rule with twelve Zodiack Signs, The Orb thats measur'd round about with Lines, It doth the Heavens Starry way make known, And strange Eclipses of the Sun, and Moon. Arcturus also, and the Stars of Rain, The Seaven Stars likewise, and Charles his Wain, Why Winter Suns make tow'rds the West so fast; What makes the Nights so long ere they be past?

Sun Signs - Poll Results

Last update; 11 March 2006 05:03:05 PM

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Aquarius 32
Air Fixed +



Capricorn 21
Earth Cardinal -



Sagittarius 18
Fire Mutable +


Scorpio 29
Water Fixed -


Pisces 13
Water Mutable -

Fire >
Earth >
Air >
Water >


Cardinal >
Fixed >
Mutable >



Libra 19
Air Cardinal +

Aries 21
Fire Cardinal +

Active >
Passive >


Total >
Ave >
σ >

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Virgo 21
Earth Mutable -

Taurus 22
Earth Fixed -

Gemini 30
Air Mutable +

Cancer 23
Water Cardinal -

Leo 20
Fire Fixed +

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