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Hello, and welcome to my personal space for H2G2. This is where you can read about me! This information may be updated as it changes. [last updated (partly) 22 January, 2012]

About Me

Here at BBC Online, I am GTBacchus; many call me GTB, or just GT. Offline, I spend the vast majority of my time as G Tony Jacobs, graduate student.

Email contact: [email protected]

The Guide and I

I became an h2g2 researcher on 8 Jan 2001, thus fulfilling a lifelong dream. For the next two-and-a-half years or so, h2g2 was my online home, and my most stable source of identity as I travelled the globe, "researching for the guide" with a satchel and a thumb.

These days, I hang around here a good deal less than I used to. smiley - sadface The clubs and jobs listed below are all things that have held some amount of my attention here, for some period of time. I am currently most often found at the FFFF.


I spent two years as a member of the Sub-Editor scheme. My personal page here is still the best place to get in touch with me regarding any of my Sub-Editing jobs, and I'm happy to help out with any updates and corrections that may come up. Cheers to Anna and Ashley and Sam and Jimster for helping to make Subbing a real pleasure. smiley - smiley Thanks also to all the writers, without whom there would be no point subbing!

Subbing Links:


I was very briefly a member of the Guru scheme, when I decided that I knew the site well enough to answer people's questions about it. The site has gone through some changes since then, and I haven't kept abreast of software updates, etc. Still, if you ask me a question, I'll try to answer it, or to point you to someone who can. I'd be better at h2g2 history questions at this point.


I am a proud member of the Royal h2g2 Procrastinators' Society. I don't attend Society meetings, but I procrastinate. Join the Royal h2g2 Procrastinators' Society here! (when you get a chance...)

Keeper of Pistachios

As Keeper of Pistachios, I will continue eat Pistachios; you can be sure of that. smiley - smileyClaim your Keeper title here!

Freedom From Faith Foundation

The Freedom From Faith Foundation is a forum for Freethinkers to discuss... well, freely. I used to hold the FFFF Discordian Bureaucrat and Corruptor of Youth Chair, then the Founder/Chairman ran away with the secretary, and now I'm the Acting Chairman! (we're still taking applications for a new secretary...) smiley - nahnahVisit the Foundation!

The Myth of 42

I am a true researcher. U166086: 16 - 60 + 86 = 42.

Visit the Myth of 42.

h2g2 Maths Lab

The h2g2 Maths Lab is a place to talk shop about mathematics, get feedback on mathematical entries, ask questions, share games, and generally chill out with numbers. Drop by, and add up a column.

h2g2 Actors Union

I am a proud member of the h2g2 Actors Union. Check the h2g2 Actors Union Homepage for updates on auditions, performances, and/or cast parties, or to join. Let me know if there's anything important going on there, would you?


Here's a picture of a fish:

smiley - fish

Notice how he can swim happily about in the Classic Goo background blue.

Classic Goo Fan Club

I am a member of the
Classic Goo Fan Club


Click here to view this page in Classic Goo!

Researchers I've Met

Here's a list of Researchers I've met in 'Real Life', arranged in the (approximate) order I met them1. I'm always looking to make this list longer - leave a message if you want to get together sometime!

Researchers I've Met IRL*Meadowlark*Quinn Queasy*Kierkegaardvark*Frosty The Snowman*JPJ.OmenoBartonA Girl Called BenArchangel Galaxy BabeLindaAbiSamAshleyNatalieMarkLentillaCrozZarquon's Singing FishMenzaJim LynnWitty DittyWhoami?LucindaBlues SharkDoctorGonzoMaWLokuZHopelessly ParanoidFrankie RobertoPetaKerrAvonBosselMaggyAnnaHoovoolooCoelacanthDogManStarPurple JennyAzaraGnomonSmiley BenChrisShoal PrexyDastardlyBlatherskite the MugwumpHenrySGingersnapperAmy PawloskiPaperbabyMikeyNBYLeKZ

Random (and not so random) Links



My Entries

Here is a list of some Entries that I've written or edited for the Guide! (Complete list of Edited Entries here.)

Success Stories (Edited Entries):

Curriculum Vitae (entries that are part of UoL Projects):

Subbing's Greatest Hits (entries that I've Subbed that have either involved a lot of writing or coding, or that I just like a lot):

Hopeful Monsters (entries currently in Peer Review):

none just now...

Frozen in Time (entries I started one day...):

Side Projects (entries I really don't anticipate getting edited):

U32488U177893U183480U49720U160070Constructively BannedU173889U168712
1The ones with stars next to their names, I already knew IRL, and then they got accounts here


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