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Keeper of Dramatic Entrances and Graphorrhœa

Muse of People Who Were Not There

17x3=51, 51+8=59, 8+9=17, 59-17=42

Arpeggio, Kassandra York, Sara Barnes, the One and Only Auntie, Surgeon General Stann Llwellyn, Guido d'Arco, Mathilde des C-Filles, S-T Anomily le Carré, Rabbi Benjamin Mandelwicz, Kristall, Penny des C-Filles, Mme J Louise Dwight-Jones, The Littlest, (Rev) Alice Sojourner, Dr Lucinda Malinowski, Dorothea, The von Mars Family (Schoolies), lil lef sid kidz, Mustafa, Les Six, His Internal Majesty Dyan-Ynnes, Col Brigit Ní Skye, Tigress, Reb. Dvora Nowak, Stoney, Chief Inspector Avery Johanssen, Capt (ret)Dr Cáilean Ní Galréath, Kurtis Armand, The Alien, Harry le Carré, Blakk, Grandemère Hors-Logique, Self Person, Djannah al-Haqq, Sonora, Darryl Bewlay, Lewis Baxter, Sistah Sol, Col Debbi Hansen, Leah Abarbinel, La Rose Noire, Diana the Refugee, Right Reverend Vicar Ludwig Johannes, Mira von Mars, Aïsha, Marilyn Singer, Rabbi Miriam Altshul, Cols Yeh'udik and Yeh'ezebel Rothschilde, Pat, Julia Baxter, Dr Elektra, Mlle Majeur et Medcin Manon de Valognes, StellaLunaGeorge, Eli Ben-Haviva, The Five Holy Terrors, Dr Yaël Yohannan, Guenhwyfhar Œlddyr, All Apologies, Homies, Agency Kids, The Dwight-Jones Clone Zone, Janie Baxter, Yusuf, LeKZMedical, Aquatic Humans, Tek, Athena Delphi, Sharps, Shards, Maj Alaïs du Nord, Too Cool For School (Unit 17AB), Albert Freeman, Maledix le Menteur, Capt Mary-Margaret McCormick, Furball People, Dylan Zimmerman, Temple: Earth Elemental, Harold Granger, Elena, Gen Œthel Stornoway, People Who Eat Plants, Brig Gen Lys Bretogne, Void, Jocelyn Baxter, Capt Grace Ní Wyrd, Mimi, The Forge Dwarf, Steward Samwise, Lilith, Col Dr Selene Schweitzer, The Evolving Humans, Fat'ma Ibrahim, John Gardner, Martial the Martian Thunder-Nerd, Zoë, The Stop.Watch. People, Jane Baxter, Panther, Gen Síobhan Ní Bréathnach, Mosaic, Jill Dwight-Jones, Zeta: The Spiders from Mars, Munia Dwight-Jones, Flux: Water Elemental, Yasmine Abdullah, Small People - All Cousins, Marlene and Michelle, Tex Carpenter, Les Peuples Grenouilles, Dr Louisa Thwaite, Squatters, Mischa the Hermit, Clatter, Lloyd Lord Grey, Fiammifiora: Fire Elemental, Marisa, Dr Catherine Ofstrofsky, Wee Folk, Jolene Baxter, Leigh Cowperthwaite, Psych Dept, Mrs Cohen and Family, Ethics Dept, Parks Dept, Héloise l'Inventive, Buildings and Grounds, Arachne the Weaver, Department of Languages and Linguistics, Æther: Air Elemental, Mrs Meredith Harris and Mrs Loula Harting - Schools Headmistresses, April, Unofficial Sub Sixteen Revolution, LeKZMusic, Salome the Exile, Sociology Dept, The People's Republic of Children, LeKZChaplaincy, Division of Internal Security, Delta: Deprogramming Division, Statistics and Chaos Dept, Katie MacGillivray, Horticulture Dept, Alpha: NonHuman Affairs, Dana Gold, The Constabulary, Infinite Metaphorical Lifts, Protectors, In Memory of S'andye and the Baby Who Was BornMen carrying musical notes climbing a ladder to a musical bar against a moonlit background

I am Arpeggio, a Sound-Energy, or more specifically a Music-Energy being in the multiple person smiley - known as LeKZ. That's pronounced so as to rhyme with 'wrecks'. It's short for Leïlah el Khalil Zendavesta, MAR. Short for that is probably a Good Thing. One shouldn't want to get long for that.

If you are uneasy with the concept of multiple personalities, try looking at it from our point of view: most people assert that there is only one person in their body. This is not only implausible, but also fantastically boring. We can't feature how they get through life, assuming their assertions to be true, which we have not all agreed to do.

The Not-Royal 'We'

Incidentally, we do not refer to ourself in the First Person Plural because we are labouring under the misapprehension that we are the King of Norway. This body is inhabited by a large number of distinct, separate 'persons'. While this is a metaphorical reality, to us, it is as real as External Reality. We see the same External Reality as you do -- unless, of course, you are labouring under the misapprehension that you are the King of Norway. All or any of us will answer to the name LeKZ. (Please try to get the caps in the right places. The vowel is the little one. It's our name.) Or, if you care, you can gradually get to know us, one from another. Whoever wrote whatever post will generally sign hir/its name, unless it is from all of us.

Preferences and Fair Warnings

How We Prefer Criticism

The best approach with us, is to ask us directly, 'When you said "stuff", what did you mean? To me, it seemed to mean "this". Is that what you meant?' We shall gladly answer requests for clarification, and thank you for asking. Long-distance conclusion-jumping is something we try to avoid doing, and do not appreciate at all if others do it to us. Please do not approach us with the tone, 'You said "this" and I do not agree at all. People who think "this" are complete mollusks.' We did not say 'this'. We said 'stuff'. We are not a mollusk. So there.smiley -


In case you have not noticed, we are wordy. We have a long history of being unheard. We tend to over-compensate. In conversations based at this page, we reserve the right to post as long as we feel necessary, to say everything that we feel we need to say. We invite you to do the same. Elsewhere, we shall endeavour to be concise. Likewise, in conversations here, we reserve the right to use the First Person Plural. Elsewhere, out of respect for convention, whoever is writing will try to stick to the First Person Singular. Anyone who has a problem with this is a complete mollusk. smiley -

It is probably fair to say that we have a slightly bizarre sense of humour. We also think it is fair to say that there are subjects which we feel strongly are simply not appropriate for humour, in any public forum. If we find a 'joke' objectionable, trust us, we shall say so. Please remember, it is the joke, not the teller to which we are objecting.

Just a Social Observation

..........smiley - tomato..........smiley - tomato..........smiley - tomato..........smiley - tomato..........smiley - tomato

Habitat and Nationality

We are a British expatriate, currently trapped in the semi-desert Out West in the The shape of a question mark with a few of the world's different gods shown withinStates. We moved here because London (or New York City, or Paris, for that matter) is a dismal place to be a poor person with a university degree and no job. Graduate school (Master of Arts in Religion) and then inertia set in, and here we still are. Yes, there are Cowboys here. The Indigenes are kept on lovely former Nuclear Testing Ranges, useless bits of desert, and in places so far Off The Beaten Path that they have one petrol station every 130km, and sell the stuff for gold bullion, or one can put it on one's American Express card. They do call the Indigenes 'Indians' which goes to show that Yanks have yet to learn geography.

Dodging the Franchise

We are delighted to live in a country of which we are not a citizen, and to which we have no patriotic or emotional ties. We do not have to vote in Murkin elections, which, given the last one, is exactly how we like it. George Bore and Al Gush, same-same. smiley - We are equally delighted to live outside the country of which we are a citizen. We keep sufficiently underinformed of Internal UK politics that the absentee-vote we could cast would be an act of gross irresponsibility on our part. This saves us from having to think too many painful thoughts about what kind of wreckage Iron Maiden Thatcher left, and whether the UK will ever again be the rather decent place where we were born.

The biological parents of this body were naturalised British citizens, she from India, he from elsewhere in Europe. She raised us vegetarian, and we are now a Member of the H2G2 Vegetarian Society. The Taj MahalWe lived in England when this body was a small child. He brought the family to the States for business reasons in time for us to receive our schooling in upper-crusty paid-for 'private' schools -- roughly equivalent to say, Eton, only ours wasn't a boarder. At university, we became quite fed-up with the members of the Foreign Students Society, whose sole raison d'être seemed to be Finding Fault with The United States. smiley - They could have gone to university at home, rather than pay incalculable sums in Moroccan Francs, or Taiwanese Yuan, to attend Wellesley College in the US. We found ourself defending the US, which we think is, by and large, indefensible.

Political Passions

We do not consider ourself 'White' or 'Caucasian'. We are not Americanised enough, after thirty-some years in the States, to consider ourself Murkin. We were born in England, but that was not specifically a choice we made. smiley - We are very 'British', by US standards. We are rather 'American', by British standards. African-Americans call us 'sistah', though we are not. We fit it approximately as well in France as we do in the town where we have lived for 16 years. We are basically just 'Human, brownish, from Earth'.smiley - Or possibly not.

We believe in innate human equality, which is not dependent upon religion, race, gender/s, disability, size, age, nationality, or any of the 'what'. The differences in people are in 'who' they are, and how they relate to the world around them. We are a feminist, activist for civil rights The Rainbow Rings for all peoples, particularly lesbian, gay, bi, transgendered, or both-either people. We are a strong advocate of Inclusive language. Since we are also a linguistic conservative, our choice to embrace Inclusive language was a carefully considered one. We are also an outspoken critic of anything USA-centric or Eurocentric. smiley - These phenomena are part of why one third of the Developing World is now HIV positive.

Douglas Adams' Books

At one of our Home Pages, we credit Douglas Adams' Hitchhiker books with our nonsuicide on several occasions. This is quite true. Having been a gloomy sort of person, before the invention of 'Goth', and after Punk self-deconstructed, wit (and a considerable amount of smiley - ) kept us alive. We discovered neuropharmaceuticals in 1987, and have been the better for them. Still, we have read the Trilogy, sadly never to comprise more than five books, religiously, every year. Dirk Gently is one of our favourite people. Since we actually knew a Kate Schechter (not the Kate Schechter, but a Kate Schechter -- a diesel-dyke with a sharp intellect and too many girlfriends) at university, we have a little trouble reading Long, Dark Teatime... without getting a violent case of the giggles and having to put the book down. smiley -

Please alert your friends to our existence, and direct them to visit our MetaSite as listed below, for an experience in What It's Like to Be Us.

We shall be posting a Memorial Page for Mr Douglas Noel Adams soon. 11 May, 2001 was a sad day for the many (and we do not mean just ourself) for whom he made life more worth living.smiley -

Contact Information

Writing with a pen

To visit our sprawling MetaSite, please click here.

To send us an email click here.

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