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Hamster Throwing - a Game

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An image of two people passing on to each other an imaginary hamster

Hamster throwing is a game for two or more people (probably not more than eight).

This is a mime game and as such is suitable for times when there is a need for silence or as an acting warm-up. It works well as a warm-up for actors as it requires the players to communicate with one another, remain focused, and be inventive. It can also be played for fun.

What You Need

  • Some People


  • Never use a real hamster.

To Play

The players stand in a circle facing one another.

A player produces a hamster. They hold it in their cupped hand to show where it is and give it a stroke to show that it is alive and happy.

The player then throws the hamster to another player in the circle. Start off with a nice underarm throw.

The player thrown to catches the hamster, holds it in their cupped hand and strokes it to show that it survived the flight and is ready to be thrown again.

This player then throws the hamster to another player and the process repeats.

So Far So Simple...

Remember there is only one rule. As there is no lobby for the protection of mime animals, hamsters can be projected from one player to another in any way that the player chooses. Firing from a crossbow, walking across a tightrope, or lobbing from a tennis racket are all perfectly acceptable ways to pass the hamster, just as long as the player at the other end understands what is happening.

Also any player can introduce any number of new hamsters into the game. Although remember that if three hamsters are entered into the game, three hamsters should remain in the game until one expires or another hamster is introduced.

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