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Me asleep at my computerHello, and welcome to my space at the BBC. I knew I'd make it one day... Now I just need some inspiration to work out what to fill this page with. And perhaps some smiley - coffee to wake me up... (yes, that picture is a pretty accurate self portrait. Right down to all the origami stuff that's stuck to my monitor. And the red hair of course.)


Well, sort of. At least I've found some other interesting things to put here and reference for now.

Most of them thanks to my Very Bestest Friend here, aka Sad Mad or Bad. She's actually none of those things at all, being a very wonderful, caring person, and a great supplier of smiley - hug. Be warned, checking out her pages and the various projects she's involved in can lead to large amounts of time waste^H^H^H spent productively at h2g2. She's also going to be an smiley - angel soon ... I hope that h2g2heaven knows what it's in for smiley - winkeye.

Stuff about me

Let's see. I'm a Lesbian, a Catholic, a redhead, a PhD Student and a huge fan of Xena, Warrior Princess. If you think that you can find a connection between those, please let me know. I'm also dealing with chronic fatigue syndrome, which I have yet to write an article on. And I like origami - folding interesting things out of boring squares of paper..

Thanks to Argon I can now announce that I too, carry the meaning of life. Or at least my user number does. Yep, U32488 works out as: 3! * (2+4+8/8) = 42. The things you learn, eh?

Exciting news! (Honest)

Well, OK, more like shameless plug. My article on Roman Catholicism has made the Edited Guide, and even got to be the Editor's Pick, with a fancy graphic and all. Also now pending are my entries on students and depression and origami, so look out for them soon on a front page somewhere near here.

Stuff Here

Yes, I too am joining in this odd subculture that is H2G2. I now have my very own personal Guardian Angel, smiley - angelJeremy who watches over me as I fumble around here. Plus, (and don't tell anyone), I've got a secret identity, as sidekick to the astounding superhero Poetry Woman ... I am ... Haiku Girl! Thanks the the wonderful Archangel Galaxy Babe I am also now the official Keeper of Silly Role Playing. And if anyone doubts my credentials, I suggest that you read some of the logs on this page. (Particularly any that feature Kiry and Miranda together...) And if you want to become a Keeper yourself, here's the place to apply. And, in addition to all this, I am the official Tender of the Royal Ear in the Kingdom of Balwyniti. A position which so far has involved parties, with lots of smiley - cake and smiley - coffee - just fine by me.

Miscellaneous Stuff

Serious Stuff

OK, I've done a bit of searching around here, and this is more, um, well, serious stuff, that I also relate to and think are Generally Good Things to Know About.

  • Self Injury Something I used as a way of coping for about a third of my life. And seeing as the previous page seems to have vanished during the down time, here's my own entry.
  • Depression Shameless plug for my own article, which I wrote for our college magazine, hence the student emphasis. It's still got good general stuff though.
That'll do for now. More later.


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