Speech and Language Therapy

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Seeing as it's not in the Guide yet. Work in progress, obviously.

Speech and Language Therapy, and Therapists

What SLTs do

Not just teaching people to talk properly! In the USA, Speech Pathologists.

Populations we work with

  • Children who aren't developing language fast enough
  • Children who have problems saying particular sounds
  • Children born with cleft palats
  • People who have problems hearing
  • People who have problems with their voice - losing it, rough voice, male to female transexuals who want to sound more feminine
  • People who stutter
  • People who have had accidents resulting in brain damage - a head injury
  • Adults who have had strokes, and have problems with talking and/or swallowing

The kinds of things we do

What a SLT session might be like. Things to expect. Things we may ask.

How you get to be one

Training as undergraduate or post graduate. Course areas covered. Placements.

Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists

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