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Oh the joy!!

Welcome to the land of Eggy. Please try to avoid the Cave Troll, he gets grumpy when people wake him up.

Whats going on????

IVE FINISHED FIRST YEAR!!!!!!! YEY!!! Other such things!!!
Ive passed (i hope) and now have an accounts unit aswell (boring, but easy). Going to soon be working for the evil that brings me much TV, but never shows anything decent on it other than extra cricket... I'm also trying to create a game world for a RPG i intend to run next term with some of my mates at uni.


Yep, thats right. My very own Angband varient is in production (still be designed). Currently its gona do the following...

  1. New and improved monsters
  2. A whole host of crazy new artifacts and objects
  3. New magic and prayers
  4. New races and classes
  5. Less grouped monsters (Street urchins, Cave Spiders, Orcs, Etc.)
  6. Different ground types including water (both shallow and deep), stone, slime and some more
  7. Anything else I think up and can be bohered to add
The major problem with this is that i will have to code it all in, which means first of all getting a C compiler, then becoming a decent C coder. These may take time, but thats OK, gives me lots of time to design the game :).
P.S. I may well need play testers at some point, feel free to be one when its ready

Wonderful World Of Music

Major joy. Once again part of a band, playing bass again. We seem mostly to be grunge, but with random interludes into trip-hop, indie and blues (the blues is my fault). When we get things sorted and i learn to play piano again i'm going to try and get them to join in with some jazz.

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