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Loads of joyus stuff going on. Recently i started work at sky, which means i get payed, which means i'll have money, which emans i wont be poor. YEY!!!!!!! also, ive formed a band with some guys from uni, which is also groovy cause it means i have an excuse to play really bad gitar and really mellow bass.

however, broadband is late, it should have been installed and activated by now, but its still not even here. And currently im going through large amounts of characters in angband, they tend to die painful pittyful deaths on dlvl 2 or in the town. I hate the battle scared veterans. Im gona level up, buy a nice axe and hurt them back.


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Picture the sceen. A half Elven Ranger, 500 foot into Morgoths iron dungeon. "You have a good feeling." That is good. less than 40 turns later, a Baby Gold Dragon turns up. So you kill it. About 300 turns later, a Baby Green Dragon. So you kill that aswell.

Good doing eh? BUT STILL NO ARTIFACTS!!!! WHERE ARE THEY ALL??? The Daggers 'thanc are meant to be more common now in 3.0.5, but i've still not seen any since 3.0.3... hmm..... maybe ill just go kick some orc.


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Just a little ramble

ive just realised, ive got like 3 exams until september. how goods that?

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The Hill of........ heavy

We climbed a hill today. I woke up and like, really didnt feel up t working, so i went and had some food and felt much better and got about 700 words done on my philosophy essay, although.... some of them are guff. Im doing Decartes (spelling?) and his first 2 medetations. Or is it 3? I hope its only 2. Anyway, ive done most of that. Its only a 1500 word essay anyway. But then we climbed a hill behind the halls. Took nearly 2 hours like, totaly wrecked by the end. Spent about an hour scrambling up a near vertical slope going AAAAAAAAA SLIDING! and then everyone would laugh. Everyone being a ridgedly defined area of doubt and uncertantey some where between the 16 groupings of people that can be made up of the names me, phill, calum and eddie. And then. Yeah, reply please smiley - smiley


PS im back on hootoo i think

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