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Hiya! I'm Sylvia Viridian, and this is my page. I am a Pokemon trainer and former member of the H2G2 Pokemon League, which has been deleted, much to my dismay. I am also a firm supporter of the belief that the Classic Goo skin is the only skin that should even exist on h2g2. Alabaster, in my opinion, just misses the whole point of the thing. It looks too...well...professional or something, I guess. The point of this place is to have a good time and contribute to something worthwhile. Goo is sort of silly and fun, unconventional and not-too-organized. I like it.

Note: Sylvia is my online personality, and while her nature reflects mine, her history reflects only what I wish mine was.

I love grass type Pokemon, and my first Pokemon was an Oddish. I have lived in the Viridian Forest in Kanto for most of my life, but in recent times I haved moved to Ilex Forest in Johto.

This is my present which I recieved from Twinkle...let's see...Oooh! It's a Master Ball!(A kind of pokéball which always catches a pokémon. They are very rare. Just for those who don't know.) Thanx, Twinkle!!

Prof. Ivy gave me my first Pokemon when I was 10, a couple years before she moved to Valencia Island. She also gave me a Pokedex, which she'd had programmed for me by Prof. Oak, in nearby Pallet Town. I am 15 now (finally!), and very amused by the way that kid Ash is getting along. So, anyway, have a look around, and click on a few of the conversations. I will often be away, however, so if I don't show up for a few weeks/months, I'm probably too busy with homework. Or maybe I've just disappeared for a while. I do that every so often.

IRL, I have gotten my learner's permit, which means that I can drive as long as a licensed adult(who has had their license for at least 5 years) is with me.


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Sylvia, pokémon trainer(with her Oddish)(Minister of emerald green, keeper of green magic)

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