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This and that at an hour much too early..

Baff Monster is...

Love is...

The idea is...

"This itself is the whole of the journey, opening your heart to that which is lovely. Because of their feeling for the lovely, beings who are afraid of birth and death, aging and decaying, are freed from their fear. This is the way you must train yourself: I will become your friend and an intimate of the lovely. To do this I must closely observe and embrace all states of mind that are good."

-Samyutta Nikaya

Zen is...

smiley - smiley - smiley - smiley - smiley - smiley -

Seduction and the Spring-Loaded Six

Njan is...

...forever whining that he's not the only person on my friends list anymore. Despite the little icons I made him (sure they look crap, but that's the browser's fault, and they took me a while). Despite that *he* rarely messages me, talks to me in threads, journals, or otherwise acknowleges my online presense. get the idea. Nevertheless, a devoted wife I be, so this section is devoted to discussion about Njan. How has Njan influenced you? What does the name Njan mean to you? Where in the hierarchy of Hindu gods would you place Njan? How can one reconcile ideologically the Njan, the bean, and the fish? If Njan were a bean, and he is, would you eat him in soup or refrito? What would you do if you had a Njan of your very own for an afternoon? All questions vital to the life and times of men and women of today. In an increasingly complex and uncertain world, it is good to take respite, to consider all things Njan, contemplate his being, his truth, his penchant for wearing camo, neglecting to shave, and eating all of the croissants.

Please...share your thoughts - we'll all feel so much better.

Justification for waffling on my name is...

Well,Maelia-Hina just never took off. Nyssa is my littler girl's name, as it was my handle when my first husband met me, he thought it was sweet, etc., etc. Problem is, she's getting to be a big girl, may someday have an online presence that she maintains herself, and then we shall have...handle conflict! So. Why Haylle? Well, Nyssa (the small girl) shouted 'Elly Ah!' a while back when I asked her to help me make up a domain name. Haylle is Elly-ah, backwards. Brill. Incidentally, by strangest of coincidences, Haylle was also one of first husband's MUD handles. It all just goes round and round, doesn't it? :)

Songs I listen to too much du jour....

Uh..Napoleon Dynamite, actually. Helps my mood.


The things i do when i've been up all night - The Penacide Come, share our pleasures (and a drink).

Details, details...

*Finally went fishing*
Age: 27 (I just changed this number from 24, christ!) (5/24/78)
sex: female
marital status: Out of Circulation, concurrently with Njan :)
parental status: boy (11/24/98) and girl (9/28/99)
sexual preference: always end up with boys, but i wouldn't commit to 'straight'
economic status: I think officially I can no longer claim white trash status as my husband is a city professional..that said, when we pass those vacation trailers on the train, I feel a small pang of homesickness.smiley -
occupation: housewife (I find this surprising and unnerving as well)
political bent: green as humboldt gold
religious affiliation: not religious so much as a devout skeptic and lover of all things unitarian
location: Fife, Scotland, originating from Idaho, USA. Once a hick, always a hick ;)
anything else? ask. I find being asked questions the highest compliment (that said, if you don't like me and wish me to know it, don't ask smiley - )

Where I'm likely to be found if not on Hootoo
Live Journal
Deviantart - self-exploitation through self-expression sorely neglected domain

I feel like i should put something wonderfully representative of myself here, or perhaps the perfect quote, the most poignant song lyric...*sigh* but the neurons are on holiday apparently. so here's my favorite joke!!

*clears throat*

Q. A little moron and a big moron were sitting on a fence. The big one fell off, whilst the other did not. Why???
A. Are you ready? Because he was a LITTLE MORE-ON!!!

*rolls on floor laughing* be made more interesting at a time more inspired smiley -



The many ways to CONTACT me, for live, free, confidential chat smiley -
ICQ# - 110745809
Yahoo - Nyssita (though it rarely works :P)
AOL - Ichthylia
MSN - Nyssabird

Loose Associations and Such

Version: 1.1
RA Y-- N+++ SG+ A+++ P+ L-- M- *smirk* S+ V E- PR p- a++ B++ TV? r D+>++ T- nh+>+ C+>+ m+>+ t+
-----END H2G2 CODE BLOCK-----

Brought to you by that sexy thang Master B, and the H2G2 Code

Cult of the Dentonites, though, *yawn*, I can't be bothered to get dressed and go look for the link.

I have been coronated THE TENTACLE QUEEN at The Anime Shack

I am now the Prospective Muse of Interdisciplinary Inquiry!! Visit the Musehome

The Forum

The uh, on and off again Peace and Justice Essay Forum

In the hopes of making friends: Scottish Researchers Group

In the hopes of having something to do: Upcoming Meets

Hootoo's Lesbigay Community M2M2

The Rainbow Flag
<=======>    (===========/

Friends, Lovers, Crushes, Objects of My Worship... there's that new friend function at the bottom of my page, there's really no need for this. Hehe..I should leave the names in the drop-down list, but have them link to .. questionable, but humorous sites. Instead though, I'll make a stupid list of things I like! How original is that! :P

Beloved stuffJosephNyssaJamie-FishMomitaMommitaOthers who love me, despite...Aquatic Hootoo life *bigeyes*Celestial Hootoo life *biigeyes*Dali UniverseGarcia-LorcaOaxacaEpcot CenterEspanolBob DylanStubborn Epistemological NihilismHumans under age 5Catholic IconographySuicidologyEthnopediatricsThat 70s ShowLA Blue GirlRoberto BeniniUtada HikaruSurrealismHuge DictionariesCartographyHell, reference materials in generalMy excellent Buddha statueHermit CrabsCatsYellow SubmarineJesus Christ SuperstarTablet PCs *sigh**want*


***Thank you Dr. E!!

Many kisses and grateful embraces to Dr. St. Justin!

The Good smiley - s *grin*

Sarge, for the entrancing bouncing smiley

Potholer, for the muchly improved 42-ism***

Useful Links for the Lazy and Forgetful

Smileys - My favorite being BIGEYES

For those with inclinations toward helpfulness, Ask H2G2

For neophytes like me, Guide ML

They will look odd in Mozilla, and when you compensate, they will look crap in IE. Nevertheless, the

Cool-Ass Smiley Maker


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