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I would pretend this is temporary and any minute now I will see how similar GuideML is to HTML and make an amazing personal space - but I'm not fooling anyone, it'll be on my things to do list until tommorow (whenever today happens to be).

As it happens I have learned GuideML (que horror) and used it to make a debating forum for more serious questions that ask, still as light-hearted, just being lighthearted about more serious things ;) Have a gander at A1146917

I might even do something with my personal space if your lucky.

A bit about me:

I'm 20*, I study psychology and artifical intelligence at birmingham uni. While there has been some confusion on the subject (especially by Aol) I can comfirm that I am in fact male.


Roleplaying, Wargaming, Chess, Badmington, Fencing, Films (Alternating between confusing and slightly twisted films and nice and simple action flicks) Computer Games (Pretty much any real console and PCs)

Yes I know I spend too much time away from RL, demonstrated by the fact that I use that abbreviation.

If you want a chat about any or all of the above, I also tend to get involved in theological/philosophical/political debates from time to time - but only start that with me if you like reading essays - I've found myself typing more and more of my posts in word recently.

I also have a basic knowladge of home made explosives, torture, wars (esp strategy around 500AD) and to a lesser extent quantum physics. (Pending my exam results I might also claim to know a little about psychology and artifical intelligence but don't count on it) I tend to harbour a curiosity for anything (doubly so for anything I shouldn't want to know) which leads me to ask questions I probably didn't want to hear the answer to, if ya wanna talk about the above, or just have anything you think I might find interesting go right ahead.

I've started waffling again - the problem with h2g2 is I can't see people staring at me with that blank expression when I go on.

p.s. I think people have a tendancy not to say things they should because they worry about saying something they shouldn't. I'm a hard person to offend and harder to phase - if you have something on your mind just say it - whats the worst I can do? I don't even know your real name ;)


Version 1.0

RGB Y- N+ SP+ A+ P++:P L- M--->+ s- V E>+ PR- p- a++ B++(-) TV+ r!*>+ D>+++ T-- nh C m++ t

-----END H2G2 CODE BLOCK-----

Some explination.
P++:P I post long messages though not often.
M--->+ I don't like the moderation as it stands, but see it could be a good thing if certain changes were made (Like telling people why their posts are being moderated rather than putting up that generic message!)
r!*>+ I don't fit into any of the catagories, this annoys me, I should be in catagory r+ but I own three copies of the series on tapes, not a CD
D>+++ I could struggle with this one unless we see some dramatic improvements in medical science.

I am the keeper of rocks and hard places. Having been between the two far to often I felt it was about time for someone to start looking after the situation. I hereby pronounce a restraning order whereby no rock shall be placed within 200m of any hard place.

* - Pwoah that was a lot of effort. I never want to have to do such a massive update ever again. My birthday is 29/07/84 if my age has changed (again) then you can work it out.

Once again I have updated the page. A bonus cookie for whomever notices the change.


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