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Cafram [kafRam] n.

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I've been around since June '99, although I've come and gone several times - a disgusting lack of computers at the uni I attend is my current excuse for neglect. I'm a bit of a habitual lurker, though I'll jump at the chance to talk to someone new - drop a note, ask a question, I'll get back to you. smiley -

16th April update
Rather than painstakingly rewriting this entire page, it has been subtly edited to bring it up to date with a series of true and false points...

When I'm not here...

Okay. I'm a uni student, in my third year. I'm studying Outdoor Education, which means that I spend a lot of time bumming around outside. I get to go rock climbing, skiing, canoeing or hiking just about every week - life doesn't get much better.

  • False. I have now finished my degree, they even let me graduate. I now work freelance for a bunch of schools and organisations leading camping trips for high school students - I'm everything from the bus driver to the cook and the nurse - I'm loving it for now, although I don't know how long I'll last working five days a week in the field and having no social life...

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When I'm not doing something outside, I'm probably in a theatre - I love hanging round backstage with a roll of gaffer tape, climbing up and down and up and down ladders and running through dusty corridors to get the lights set up before the director cracks it again.

  • False. I haven't worked in theatre for at least three years.
I love theatre, especially musicals. I'm one of those annoying people who remembers words to all the songs you wish you'd never heard. smiley -
  • Unfortunatley, still true.

My goal in life (or this week's goal in life, anyway...) is to travel the world. Why sit at home when there's so much to learn about everyone else?! I've been to the US, Belgium and South Korea...I'm starting to get itchy feet again...

  • True. Add Vietnam to that list, and I'm heading back to the states in a few weeks.


Australia...the arse end of the world.

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I'm an Aussie, and proud of it!

  • Bloody oath!
Why don't you drop in and say g'day at the Aussie researcher's page?
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Australian Researchers Club
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Can be found here.
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People I Know

Rather than get all cliquey with a select list of people, I'm just putting links to the people I've actually met. Come to Melbourne, be on my list. Yay.

King Cthulhu | Evil Roy | Loonytunes | silverygibbon | a girl called Ben | Santragenius V


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