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32 - A multi-purpose number for me, this one - age (it really IS just a number), waist (although this is currently the subject of, shall we say, an "animated" dispute between myself and various pairs of trousers), I.Q. (not so hotly debated ), and many, many more. (The number of brain cells I possess / use has also been mentioned, albeit in another room, in hushed tones - David, you know who you are)

I'm a mother to a miniature walking computer - consequently, for the last five years I have not been able to get away with any form of subterfuge, be it lying, keeping secrets or sly scratching of bottom/ pants area/ inside of nose, (or picking it as it's more commonly known) without being the permanent headline in my son's regular broadcasts to anyone within earshot about life in our house. He also has this amazing skill, that all children seem to be able to master at a very early age, which allows him to link together in a conversation a range of subjects so diverse, any adult attempt to do so would be regarded as

(a) irrevocable proof that you'd lost it completely,

(b) irrevocable proof that lateral thinking had finally won the battle against logical thinking and had sent him home crying with a thick ear, or

(c) irrevocable proof that small children are the current-reality version of the Total Perspective Vortex - after just one encounter, which can involve you having to try and explain why you are "waxing your cockles", ( as my son calls it - it's my bikini line, actually ), why babies don't come out of your mouth / belly button and other body-related questions, as well as the very real possibility of being treated with the sort of disdain only a small child can convey accurately just because you can't remember the name of the Red Engine from Thomas the Tank Engine (it's James, by the way), you feel just about ready to pack it all in and head off to the nearest rest home for the terminally-short of scruples armed with a bottle of that Ol' Janx Spirit.

To earn a living I thought I'd train as an electronic engineer, but have ended up working as a vocational skills instructor for autistic adults - bit of a jump, I know but it's all felt like a sort of logical progression to me. I'm very proud to announce, here on h2g2, that I'm one of the few people in the world who actually looks forward to Monday morning, so I can go to work - bizarre, huh? It's true -so far,there's me, and the bloke who taste-tests Marmite for a living (the only other job I'd consider doing). Yes, I know that the vast majority of people try to delay going to bed on Sunday, in the vain hope that Monday will get p***ed off with waiting for them to go to bed, leaving Tuesday to amble in with a message from Wednesday saying that it's on it's way, having been caught in traffic, and to put the kettle on for when he gets there, but I'm just not one of them, O.K.?

Map of Wales

This is where I live, the land of my fathers and all that. Home of poxy weather and jaw-dropping scenery. Also, some great literature and historical characters have come from here, as well as a rugby team, which have ranged from the sublime right through to the ridiculous over the years. I live in the southernmost leaf-green region.

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