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Most of my life I have lived in Islington (London UK), now living on the limits of the underground system in Walthamstow. Which do I prefer? Now I'm older I do not miss the noise and hustle, and self centred people I lived near smiley - sadface. Now I know more of my neighbours than ever before. smiley - smiley

Spiritualism,smiley - ghost Christianity smiley - angel and anything thought provoking about religion is inportant to me. I do not feel the need to belong to any Christian denomination, or church! I ponder, but like everyone else no not have the answers!
The other spirits I love is a good single malt. Like me Single Malt is acquired taste.smiley - cheers

A person coming through a stage trap door lit from below.At a tender age I was taken to the pantomime Cinderella. I was instantly addicted to theatre. I was not just satisfied to watch, I needed to know how it is all achieved. When work took me behind the scenes of some of London's most famous theatres, I was in my element.
If you to would like to know something of the workings of a theatre why not look at my entry.Theatre Stage Machinery

If you wish to know more about me. here is a list of things about me.


smiley - musicalnoteI enjoy a whole range of music. Classical, Opera, blues, pop, soul, funk, Jazz, MOR, AOL (sorry that should read AOR) far too many to mention here.
I listen and feel envious of those who can make beautiful music. I just make a racket.smiley - run (Looks for a Smiley with ears covered)

If you want to catch up on Music and the arts why not take a look at The collective

smiley - laughWhen meeting me for the fist time, manny think I have no sence of humour, that's not true. I enjoy Classic radio commedy, Goons, I'm Sorry I'l read that again, most of all The Navey Lark they realy makes me laugh. smiley - laugh

Born in the 50's, television has given me some memorable moments, the first steps taken by man on the moon, TV Series the Prisoner , ordination of Pope Pope Paul VI, early Dr Who. By far the most enjoyable media must be the Radio Play, followed by the experience of Live Theatre.

Three Cheers for BBC Radio 7 I can listen to Comedy and Drama nearly the whole day through. smiley - smiley

While studying, I read only technical journals! .smiley - groan Now I read as many books as time will allow. I just love to sit back and read a nice hardback volume.smiley - biggrin

smiley - starI have been proclamed Keeper of Light and illumination, by Archangel Galaxy Babe: Keeper of Keepers.smiley - disco So if your illumination is not quite right, the wrong shade of white, for instance. (excluding sun and moon light) you know where to come.


Is there anybody out there?

I live alone but presently have several Guests. They all have paws and eat Ice cream (Homemade goes fastest) and Honey. One Bear loves his marmalade.(Padington leaves the kitchen in a real mess.)

Well here is a starting point, of my myriad of interests. Let's chat sometime over a smiley - redwine or smiley - stiffdrink orsmiley - stiffdrinksmiley - stiffdrink. If I’m not here pull up a comfy leather chair, poor yourself a smiley - teasmiley - cappuccino or a long smiley - stiffdrink drink.. I will be back soon with some fresly made smiley - chocsmiley - cake I just love to cook and bake.smiley - cupcake

Lightman smiley - peacedovesmiley - earth

Prayer for Peace
Christmas Spirit
Loving you

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