The life and times of Captain Kebab

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Captain Kebab has (mostly) left the building, but may occasionally be found lurking, and even more occasionally will indulge in a drive-by posting. If you have a sudden and inexplicable urge to contact me, have a word with Granny Weatherwax who has my contact details. I theng yew.

Who is Captain Kebab?

Male, English, over 21 and under 60.

Married, no kids, one seriously violent cat, one fishtank.

Grow bonsai trees, they are quiet, don't eat a lot, don't need much exercise and don't bite the postman. I recommend them as pets.

Drive around in a 1961 Hillman Minx when the weather is nice, but I live in Manchester so it's generally not. I'm a mine of useless information about British cars of the 1950s and 60s, and always keen to learn more. Happy to share as well, if you think it might help.

Enjoy football (that's soccer if you're American, in which case the next bit probably won't mean much to you), I'm a Manchester City fan, the kind that goes regularly. For the avoidance of doubt I was a Manchester City fan when they had no money, in fact I was a Manchester City fan when they were good last time around before they were rubbish for years and I have followed them through thin since 1966. So now we've won the lottery I'm making the most of it.

Enjoy beer, as long as it's real ale, and whisky, as long as it's single malt, enjoy kebabs, as long as they're large donner with chilli sauce and especially if they follow beer and/or whisky. "Do people eat donner kebabs when they're sober?" you ask. Well, I do. I suppose I'm pretty much Homer Simpson when it comes to conspicuous consumption of foodstuffs. I'm also a fan of curries. Mmm, curry.

Meat in a kebab

Do enjoy Hitchhikers' Guide - that's how I got here, also by following Dirk Gently's advice on navigation.

1 x (55 + 8) x 4 / 6 = 42

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What do I get up to?

I enjoy researching for the Beer Review Page


And I'm in the Association of Researcher Skeptics (click the box if you don't believe me)

ARS: I don't believe it!

I'm in the h2g2 Car Club - vrooom!
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And I'm in the Flat Cap and Muffler Sports and Social Club
A pint of beer, playing cards and a pair of dice

I'm also on the Virtual Supporters Club First Team Squad
A football with musical notes

And I'm a ROVer

Number 6 and RoverI'm a ROVer!
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Mrs Kebab, aka the Admiral is here too.

So, who might be lurking right now?

Who's new in town?

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What was I just saying?

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I'm the Keeper of unidentifiable things in the kitchen drawer that are bound to come in useful one day

I'm Team Glue and Second-in-Command of W.E.E. - if that seems mysterious why not click the link...

I'm an Opera user

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