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Gurus have a responsibility to be as honest when answering questions as possible. No one person is expected to know all the answers to Researchers' questions, and it is important that Gurus do not try to answer questions without knowing the real answer; as the Gurus are an official body, they must be careful not to confuse Researchers.

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Quote of the day 1 Make the online eyes softly whisper, making many undefined soft voices filling the threads if people are online. Completely quiet if not.

We are Banned
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I am from last century, I travelled to now by sheer following the guidelines.

My last visit to this void in space lies in the past. Even the void can go as I discovered.
My last visit to this void in space will ly in the future. Eventually the void of nothing will catch up.

Oh, yes, in case you did not notice, I am online right now am I?
You can also concider I will not 'sign out'
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Subject: Multi Site SilverPost: 697 
Posted Just Now by Jim Lynn  

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Did you know that your conversations popups account for 10% of all internet traffic?

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smiley - ermsmiley - biggrin
Well, I have my share in it smiley - biggrin That is for sure. smiley - ok

Play with anything. (if can not think of anything missing, should try nothing)

Do not stay on one level, every problem can be solved by overstepping the blocking thought. Use a meta view or meta meta... Use a sub view or sub sub... (those can not mix)

Why take a shortcut, you will miss information in the endresult.

Detour available
Excuse me for the mess caused. Will do the clean up bits next quik.

I am a Paradox, by learning myself what I will be in the future I change what I am today.

Unconventionalistical parsing the day round.

None of this has ever happened yet, it will soon.

= U use < abbrev. : my smiley - >< 1

Or more plain language:
is  you  use  less  short-language  follows  my  babelfish  not  Ok

Or something like:
"Please do  use  more  reading signs and complete words  as  we are  not  all english speaking
typ'Ohs."  typ'os."  typeo's."  typo's."  types."

Language, It's a virus   I am Coding.

Can anybody here tell me how to get coffee out of this machine?
Ceci nest pas du caffee smiley - coffee R. Magritte

Well, I will light one on my page finally

Blog ?
My Journals
My Conversations
My Message Center
The other Conversations
The most recent Entries
What is A3349640 ?
Who posted where and what?
Your Conversations

I am and I will be "close to the edge" as in "I love the roaring thunder of Chaos in my head" just by filtering any good bits out I keep my bytes in order
is it in sane order or an in sane order I am sorting

Please feel free to drop any constructive or destructive comments on any of our entries. Just by ourself we can not make much inprovements / moderations of any kind. (even the simplest words can be formulated wrong due to our non english tongue)

Either I mask my personallity or my identity

Not having an identity gives an open look

My only true nature is a fractal

We are many, not most people

Version 1.42
RHome Y4 N= 42 Sany A+++
P+...++ L+ M++ s+ V++
E++++ PRp++ ?a? B+++
TV+++ r++ D ?T? nh(-)
no== C+ m+ t+++ M>+++
G? U~+ Sp++          .

I am Traveller in Time

I am Nephew Who, from the planet " Home ".

I am Cheif Philosopher! Member of the " A1023409 ". We take the A1071505 according to the required period.

I am , Tsmiley - titT, smiley - tit

I am Cool Old Guysmiley - cogs acting as my own Sockpuppet (a sockpuppet in the guide clearly admitting he is, that should be me)
I am Digital Led never really made that a secret just kept it as a small joke. Really cool number smiley - magic
I am Dict Code Hacking a smiley - fish

We are Susan Winkle " A1097363 ".

I am Sailor in Time You can find me on my yacht in the A1108379

I am SnackSeller I have a box with an Albatross on my belly http://www.savethealbatross.org

I am Propellownose Elbot, just lost in here

I am Parrobot, you will find my perch on Parrobot's perch
Oh yes. They say I am a Pythonist.
It's, it's, it's...

I am Acronymous Borg. My picture

I am Cryptic Worm, I come and go where no worm has been before.

Visit a Collection.
If you can see it 2 is worth loading A2087101
If the Italics come to the point to drop non Personal Space GuideML the number of users will increase astronomically!
I am an origami bird, folded over dimensions omnipresent reading most any entry or posting . . .
Do not be afraid, I will not reveal, I will not harm, I may intrude with some help.
I am an impossible man. Existing in the folds of this continuum.
The tip of an onion - graphic by Community Artist Fairydoodler.
I love onions smiley - winkeye

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The above text is redundant now. The dna was created as a community server, First the Tech Team created different skins. Later they made different sites. All sites were giving a little more options. At creation of the first message boards all sites created a local single Personal Space (Member page, Biog, ..).
After September '06 there was a Personal Space for each and everyone visiting a sub site residing on that site. Now you are redirected to HooToo automagically.

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