Apparently less Chrono Static

I will spice this up soon smiley - biggrin
Service with a smile, or behind closed doors?

Two legs,

Two feet,

Two arms,

Two hands,

Two heads

smiley - ok

Hi there I am back smiley - titterbot smiley - biggrinsmiley - online2long for now as a sockpuppet

A Sockpuppet is in this case an account, not technically defect as the main account, to Research and have conversations. The smiley - tit account has timeouts on most postings (many will take several minutes to compile), entries are not editable and the skin rash makes it nearly impossible to browse the site.

I will check in on some of Journals on the fly and more scrutinous soon I hope. Guess I will need to stay a Sockpuppet for some more time smiley - tit has developed a severe case of dna skin allergy.

Even the Guide ML is not in my fingers anymore smiley - sadface. Well that is coming back already.

Cool Old Guy (Sockpuppet)smiley - cogs
Hey I can shift gear smiley - cdouble

In a previous life I have been searching the guide high and low but could not find them. Only to find in scrapped backlog on wiki; Peta knew it all along; Where are the Toilets? Alabaster

Dead of night 7+7+8+1+8+5+6 == 42 smiley - headhurts This can not be right, it should be any calculation smiley - wow I am a True Researcher, just give me some time to report to the Myth

I am sober because around me they are acting like they are drunk.
smiley - pggbsmiley - stiffdrinksmiley - pggbsmiley - pggbsmiley - stiffdrinksmiley - pggbsmiley - pggbsmiley - stiffdrinksmiley - pggbsmiley - pggbsmiley - stiffdrinksmiley - pggb Now I am feeling so fly like a G6

DNA wrote the words
smiley - snowball 'We have the first snowflake. Now let's build a blizzard' smiley - llabwons
smiley - island He did not take into account the Global Warming however smiley - island

I Support the Committee H2G2 After The BBC The H2G2 Support Society

I got a smiley - dontpanic rewarded by the Entry master

2legs found out:

smiley - laugh you've forgotten the smileys! oh no! smiley - laugh

Apparently you can recognise me by
. . . something about your aura smiley - zen

I have more then 2 entries Haunted by the Captcha smiley - monster
I will not keep this list growing, I might eventually use actual profanities to lure the monster. After several days of no update attempt all my entries can now be edited again. Still I have the obligation to make sure the Captcha smiley - monster is really slain before I really start writing entries again. I still use a local notepad to write the layout before I submit the entry. However beeing blocked from making it correct is too annoying to even start writing.

I'm halfway my backlog, still no sign of the old postings live smiley - winkeye. The same words could have been used in the global premoderated period rupert between The Digital Village and BBC.
I kind of got attached to this account as it helped to slay the Hydra. Or just while I kept nagging about it the tech managed to slay the Captchsmiley - monster. Now lets hope it was not just the second head slain.

Vogon strike

Then there was a general lock out only accounts with cookie set to remember were present. We did not notice this Lockout smiley - monster until Icy With his Journal 'Quiet in here today' notifying the online party we have a problem. Again the tech helped us out with their magicsmiley - magic.

The Lockout smiley - monster popped up again, Lucky for us the Tech solved the problem in an instant. The previous modifications to the striking vogon system have the desired effect, I see dozens of 'old faces' (known names and Personal Spaces) and some of these have been dormant for a dozen years. And the posting count looks healthy again we are going up smiley - ok.

Well this is smiley - weird Hello You seem to have eyes.

Weird as this is an attempt to check out if I am online. (Apparently not)

If somone gets this far have a read at Alices Restaurant and join the Zaphodistas on your way
The Zaphodistas were a bunch of Researchers not happy with the overly involvement by the Beep. Apparently we have more or less the same situation.



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Cool Old Guy (ex-SockPuppet) Trying not to post for the next 200 days !

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