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Hey there, ,
nice you're dropping by !

It's me Alfredo
To join life here,I really want to write freely in English.
I hope I'll can in the time to come, because when I watch T.V., I mainly watch BBC-2 and BBC-World, although I live at the other side of the Channel, in Amsterdam,The Netherlands*.

A shop frontSince 1990 I live on my own again, in an historical neighbourhood of our Capital.

Alfredo, 1951, is a rather poëtic person.
Worked a long time as a social worker with young persons from 16 to 23; in the streets, in prisons, in schools, etc.
Was also involved (1990-'95), in social care for victims of W.W.-II.

A polkadot with youtypewriter
Since 2000, I write personal stories and lyrics. For me it is a way of expressing my emotions, creating order in my mind and trying to find sense in (my own) history. But by sháring it here, with you, I hope to create more value. At h2g2 my Journal and those of others are the most important for me. Besides this, I also join BBC-Collective and BBC-Points of View , but áll my postings come together, here, in the left column "Conversations".

I'm also a volunteer in a real theatrical childrencircussmiley - dragonby children and for children. Their pleisure is our main goal ánd their personal development (conquering fears, changing limits, learning circusskills, etc.).
In some way, I'm the biggest child smiley - rainbow in that circus, because in the nineties I discovered my great affinity with the magical world of young children (as my h2g2-pictures here illustrate).
Little yellow creatures looking up at a shooting star

For me, this childrencircus is like a painting of the Spanish artist Miró that has come to life.
Miró made - after 1925 - many joyful and magical paintings and sculptures, as you can see at Miró Museum Barcelona.(click at the yellow painting = "Obra" = his works).

A same kind of joy I experienced in my youth by the music of The Beatles. And now, these days around 2005, also by watching the sky at night and by flying my kite
,ánd also by creating acryl sketches.
I share some of these too at a special h2g2 website, created in March 2005 by Mudhooks. It is made especially for h2g2 members and the album is called "Gallery 42", or "h2g2 Friends (Art) Album", or
Main Gallery. Hope to meet you there too, because "we welcome all works created from the heart !".

Writing with a pen

As you know, we all can read each others Journals.
Of course, that includes mine (I started in september 2002).
But according to what this H2G2 site says, I don't primarily "jot things down I want to discuss".
Visitors are invited to read and react, but "discussing" is not my main goal. "Sharing" would be a far better word in my case.
Feel free to do so and don't be ashamed of ánything!

WritingIf you click at Alfredo's Journal List you'll find a complete summary of just all my Journal Entries. They contain a great variety of subjects and personal impressions. Some are autobiographic stories , like "Searching and meeting a prior love after thirty years" and "Johnson,the Captain", etc, etc. My "emotional journal" is almost hidden and increases by my own replies ("getting in touch"). The complete list of Journals is nót chronological. Because of replies from readers- like you -they keep changing places.

And finally; if you would like to share something, you can also use Alfredo's message centre. (use there the button down,"new conversation")

Boabab tree

I sincerely hope that this introduction will be the beginning of a long and inspiringsmiley - star journey for you and me, in our digital world aswell as in the colourful physical.

(P.S. Anyone can feel and think whatever they want because of what I - and others - write, but if someone feels the need to be rude, a Journal Entry is never the place to give it fuell.)

Greetings from Alfredo.

Time Out Guide of Amsterdam* and Amsterdam(see"English site")

Hopefully you'll find here something that you'll enjoy.

*(although all tourist guides have their clichés about ány country)

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