Abandon All Hope, Embrace Paranoia

*snotty postmodern bit* That Trendy Bit With The Dictionary Definition */snotty postmodern bit*

Hopeless (adj): 1. feeling no hope 2. admitting no hope 3. inadequate, incompetent.

Paranoia (n): 1. a mental disorder esp. characterized by delusions of persecution and self-importance 2. an abnormal tendency to suspect and mistrust others. [based on Greek paranoos 'distracted']

Questions...? Then we'll move on...

Werd, Wilkommen, Waddup...

As you've come this far, you probably think it would be nice to receive some kind of reimbursement for your effort. Something amusing, farcical or - dare I say it - droll. Unfortunately, you, as many others before you, have suffered from affliction commonly known as not having a life. Almost guaranteed to be an effect of long term exposure to the internet. Its fairly terminal. Its almost certain that you'll have it until you die. There is no known cure. All you can do now is try to move on, live day by day...

I am Hopelessly Paranoid, aka Trilly. I am a loveaholic.


Obligatory, nuff said.

List of Lists

  1. What I Do In The Matr... Real World (phew)
  2. What I (Rarely) Do On H2G2
  3. People I Know and/or Like

Life, Love and Other Endeavours

  • I'm 19 years old.
  • I'm at Nottingham University, most of the time. I 'read' Physics. A bit difficult sometimes. I'm l(i/o)ving it up.
  • I'm in a band called domesticide. We're getting better all the time, I'm told. I'm starting to believe it. Please visit, listen and SUPPORT US!!!


  • Brownies: I am officially part of the church, but I never seem to stay in the thread long enough, if anyone can find a place for me to slip in easily (i.e. minus backlog reading!), do drop me a line
  • Amusement: Ditto for my muse status. I'll drop in soon. Sorry guys!
  • MuGging: I like music
  • Talentless MuGging: I'm crap at it though.
  • Towels: A penchant (or should I say fetish, mwooha) of IEs. Please feel free to purchase.
  • Things
  • Warning - For My Use Only: A Guide to GuideML, for people like me.


Insane Endeavour
Eomando (P.S... where are you!!)
Ming Mang
Uncle Heavy
Frankie Roberto
Big Mad Mr T

Big love to you all, respeck


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