I think i might be back!! Possibly!! Maybe!!

Hello to anyone who clicked on this.

Poor you, are you lost?

...I actually think I was for a while...at least it's been so long since I was last here that my page is in need of some serious updating! it's been that long!! The only trouble is finding them time..;-)

Whilst you're here...

...Sooooo....now what should i say/do/type?? Umm...erm....argh...lots has happened since the last time i updated my page...h2g2 wasn't part of the bbc for starters. So until i can think of something highly thrilling and imaginative to say..which might be quite a while because i'm back at uni and'll get nicely bogged down with work

So, until I can think of anything else I'll tell you just a little bit about me, beause of course everybody likes to talk about themselves.. ;-)

OK, for the time being i'm 21, and a 3rd year at university, only if it takes me a while to get back to this i could be lying about my age...like i'm sure a lot of people do..;-)

I'm still at Royal Holloway near London, and i'm still doing physics...only without the music now. Yep, I changed my course at the start of the 2nd year to MSci Physics and I'm VERY happy about it.

Hmm...what else might people not know?? I'm from NE England, smack bang inbetween Newcastle and Durham, which leads me to having lots of fun at uni comfusing people by saying "Aye, thats a canny bonny bairn"..well...not that *exactly* there's not many way's you can work a sentence like that into a normal conversation, with there not being any especcially cute children running about the universit physics department..but..it's an example. Still, I've got grand plans for this years confusing of people...so far, after having just moved into halls this year, I've had quite a few people look at me blankly whilst i repeat myself, someone who thought i was irish and another who thought i was welsh! I've obviously got quite a bit of work to do here yet...

'fraid it might be all the updating you're going to get for a little while though..so until i get hit by a flash of inspirational lightening, there's just going to be some of the old stuff i've got attached to over the years sitting here...

So you haven't gone yet? I'm surprised! If you want to leave a message, please do so after the *beep* (it cut me off - how dare it). Or if, for some strange reason unknown to me, you want to know how I came to choose the name Eomando then click here And for those people out there with nothing better to do than be nosy, then you could always read this short story I wrote for Paul Prefect if you click here or you could read the Story Goes On.

Joanna made me "Deputy Donut Seller" at her Donut Stall, so, remember...THE DONUTS ARE GREAT!!! Oop's...I really shouldn't shout so loud...

Perhap's I'll see you around somewhere? Out there, in the big, vastly huge, net? Or even around here somewhere? I won't know until I see you and neither will you...

...Scary huh?

Some other useful links...which may or may not still be around.

Chance and Ardal's Fishtank.

Joanna gave me these two goldfish, Chance and Ardal, who are now swimming happily in their own fishtank...they're identical twin goldfish, but I know which one's which...

This is Chance...

smiley - fish

...and this is Ardal...smiley - fish


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