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Muaythai Boxing

What was i *thinking*??? Joining the kickboxing society at uni this wasn't the most sensible move i made..smiley - winkeye Don't get me wrong, it was lots and lots and lots of fun, only the "warm up" (think "torturous half hour") was awful...smiley - winkeye it went a little like this

"jog on the spot jog on the spot PUSH UPS PUSH UPS jogigng on the spot jogging on the spot TOE JUMPS TOE JUMPS SQUATS SQUATS SQUATS SQUATS jogging on the spot jogging on the spot PUSH UPS PUSH UPS PUSH UPS jog jog jog jog jog ...." for half an hour, well...along with lots and lots of stretching, followed suddenly by *more* push ups, and then eventually we got to stop and got shown a rather nifty little combo that had us all laughing a little bit with the last bit. smiley - smiley

It *was* fun though, if you forget the exruciating agony we were put through to begin with..and the fact that even though i wasn't very stiff this morning, after sitting still in lectures for 3 hours straight *NOW* i'm very very stiff....why oh why do i have a room on the second floor of halls? smiley - winkeye

But believe it or not, i'm still going to be going back on friday...and then on sunday...and then again on tuesday, and see just how long i can keep it up for..and if the warm up will be even worse next time. smiley - smiley

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Everybody knows by now...and everyone that doesn't soon will.. smiley - winkeye

*smiles* you see....during the loooooooooooooooooong time i've been away from h2g2..something very very nice... smiley - bigeyes

no...not nice...

grr...i hate this language...never the right words...can't think of one that does it justice.. Ah well...i know Pavel will know exactly how i mean it.. smiley - bigeyes

strange really..the only people that'll read this are likely to already know what's's pretty much certain that they will... smiley - smiley

*smiles* so people mostly know the end of the that all the old forums are being checked can know how it all started...shame gets to see the funny bits... smiley - winkeye

*drifts off into story-telling mode...which is really a bit too short...but well..*

Long, long ago...on a website not so far away..right here on my very first day on h2g2, in fact...a guy called Paul Prefect saw a scared little newbie called Eomando and took pity and said "hello"...smiley - bigeyes Or something along those lines anyway... smiley - winkeye

Eomando jumped out of her skin...never having talked to anyone on the net ever before..replies straight away and spends the next hour or so on the edge of her seat waiting for him to reply...except that she'd just missed him...and's a little disappointed....then hopes and hopes he'd be on the next day..smiley - bigeyes

The next day comes and she waits again for a reply...then jumps for joy when she sees his name on the on-line users list.. something she always did and never figured out until far too late..but at least she realised in the end.. smiley - bigeyes

*grins* of course...something always has to happen to change things a bit.. smiley - winkeye you see...something shocked PP...something that hadn't quite clicked.. smiley - winkeye and that happened when he found out i was a girl......*not* a guy after all he thought.. smiley - winkeye and i'm never ever *ever* going to let him forget that!!! smiley - bigeyes *grins* yes...of *course* Vicki is short for Victoria and *not* Victor.. smiley - winkeye

*smiles* but..after that's out the way and he gets over the shock..which didn't actually take that long...things just get better.. smiley - bigeyes

first the number of smiley - smiley smileys increase.....then the odd smiley - bigeyes snuck in here and there.. smiley - bigeyes day...they were *everywhere*...i couldn't talk to him without smiling.. smiley - bigeyes See...i can't even stop myself smiling now just *thinking* about him.. smiley - bigeyes *ahem* got to the point where normal smiley's couldn't describe the type of smile...they just weren't enough....smiley - bigeyes's were much more fitting.. smiley - bigeyes well...that was when the smiley's were a bit different too.. smiley - winkeye

So, suddenly there were smiley - bigeyes's *everywhere*...and there still are even can see that easy enough... smiley - winkeye

well..not too long after...we find a way to still talk even though Pavel couldn't be online until weekends...we'd missed a very obvious way of filling the void of weekdays....e-mail...very simple....but we missed it...smiley - bigeyes

then again...we more than made up for the time we'd forgotten about it...for the next year...we spent every day mailing each other...even when we were able to talk every single night...smiley - bigeyes *smiles* i spent *hours* just writing to him...and we never ran out of things to say to each other even when we'd spent all day writing every thought that came into our heads.. smiley - bigeyes

*grins* i'm almost sure no-ones ever written longer mails than we have to each other.. smiley - winkeyesmiley - bigeyes

*smiles as she thinks about it..*

after e-mail came letters...long long letters...wonderful letters...letters that i've got stuck up on my wall at uni...crumbs...they fill and entire wall! smiley - bigeyes

*smiles* we *finally* got to meet at the beginning of October...walked around London at night...and i told him that i loved him in Hyde"dodgy" looks off all the people walking past from kissing'd think they'd never seen anything like it before... red lights were definitely a problem...people in cars are far too nosey when they don't have to go anywhere.. smiley - winkeyesmiley - bigeyes

*smiles* i've known him so so long...and there's never been a single time he's said anything to make me cry...he's never upset me...always always been there for me... smiley - bigeyes and i know i've even hurt him at times...but he's still been there..and sometimes i wonder how he's managed to put up with me...but he has.. smiley - bigeyes

*smiles* and then one wonderful night...he holds me close and whispers a question in my ear...a very very wonderful question.. smiley - bigeyes

and then i said "Yes, Pavel...of course i'll marry you.." smiley - bigeyes

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i definitely haven't been around for a while...

...and it really doesn't look like that's going to change too much...

all complaints should be made to's him whose keeping me away...smiley - winkeye Paul Prefect...blame him!!! smiley - bigeyes

then again...i love that he keeps me away...means that i get to talk to him...*smiles*

and..well...i miss him enough as it any time i'm mon here...i've been talking to him... smiley - bigeyes

&...well....really the only reason i'm here now is because he's had to get some dinner...smiley - winkeye so i'll be gone again just as soon as he comes back... smiley - bigeyes

i guess i'm going to be a rariety on here now though.. just no-one send me to the Battersea researchers home yet!!! smiley - winkeye

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Pavel, i hope u read this...

Everythings gone 2 pot - uni computers wont use the net & my wap e-mails kaputsmiley - sadface

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Well..I'm here..

Right...I know I disappeared for a few I'm at uni...smiley - smiley

...and...i've survived so far...smiley - winkeye

well...apart from the inevitable timetable clashes... smiley - winkeye Every single music lesson i'm supposed to do clashes with a physics one... smiley - winkeye

ah'll get sorted...smiley - smiley

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