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Evil Lesson #1: If you get caught they may throw the book at youEvil Aim #1: Money, Money, Money
  • Have you ever noticed that at somepoint or another an evil genius is plotting to dominate the world?
  • Have you ever noticed that the evil genius in question is always thwarted by a hero?
  • What if the evil genius was to get together with all his evil genius mates and form an elite evil genius only club, bent on world domination?

If any of these points have crossed your mind on a day to day basis... you may want to consider the following information:

Buried in the depths of life as we know it, behind every corner and in every shadow lies the potential for bad things. These bad things work for even worse things who sit in offices at the top of tall towers, exercising their control over vast criminal empires

Their common name: The Evil Genius

Evil Genii: Working To Bring You A Safer Community...

Atross City, Present Day... If you took Gotham City and Metropolis watched them collide at high speed 1, then added lots more evil forbidding baroque architecture... you would have Atross City. Frankly, its a mess. Crime goes hand in hand with breathing. Corruption is rife, squalor is dominant and super heroes are in short supply due to union regulations... An evil genius could really clean up in a town like this...

Now the worlds hooks, crooks and psychopaths have pooled resources to form Evil Genii2, and they're out to take over the world!

But who could stop such a band of power-hungry rogues and avert disaster? None other than that heroine's heroine, Insane Endeavour!

Go Go Gadget Escape Van!

In our last enthralling episode... Well... its hard to say what actually happened in our last episode... it involved fighting and magic... and bad weather... There was a big ruck, ending with the Beeb stomping its big pythonesque foot on it all and saying "We're having none of it!" in a deep rumbling voice that appeared to come from the bowels of the earth.


Now (that the foot has been removed), relative normality has been restored to Atross City 3. IE has taken a break from her crimefighting duties in order to... well, just chill out... Desert island, hut on the beach, you know the score. HP disappeared mysteriously after the destruction of Paranoid Towers 4. Though there were reports of a strange red and black jet leaving the top of the tower before it was crushed... these were dismissed as it was generally thought that red and black was far too passé a colour scheme for the modern evil genius.

This Episode:... IE's vacation on a desert island somewhere is interrupted by a polite fax, and then several rocket bombs. HP is back in business. Soon afterwards IE is airlifted to the (relative) safety of Atross by a dashing and nameless 'American' (though they don't make 'em like this one any more). He escorts her, albeit unwittingly, to some form of secret department within Atross City Airport. Meanwhile, Ming is chased by three men of varying stature for no apparent reason. Not liking this, she escapes to the outskirts of town where she finds IE's appartment office apparently forcefully entered. Lacking interest in such things, she moves on to a forboding looking bus depot at the edge of Atross. There she meets an old and somewhat bitter ex-sidekick who has little useful information about her destiny and has given her a strange metallic sphere. At the all new EGHQ, Uncle Heavy, Frankie Roberto (MIA) and MarySue of Evil join the ranks of minions. MarySue is set the preliminary task of fetching IE from the secret department, which is a secret wing of HP's evil empire. Upon discovering this, Zack aids IE in escaping Atross City Airport. Uncle Heavy is sent to fetch some items of 'value' from the ruins of Paranoid Towers. Ming departs from the depot in a (stolen) bus, heading for sunnier and less dangerous territory. Unfortunately, she doesn't find it. Her bus is hijacked by the escapees with MarySue in hot pursuit...

And somewhere on an island, a man is playing golf...

All this and not even a whiff of emerging plot!!! Action packed doesn't even BEGIN to describe it6... We're going to need a new page for backlog soon!

But you don't just have to sit there like lemons... no no no... you can sit there like lemons while aiding/foiling the Evil Genii

The IE Squad of Insane Endavour's Insane Endeavours (back is business, but probably needing new staff)

Bad Guys... c'mon... look at them! They're dark and menacing!

HP's Evil Minions(tm) of Evil Genii (candy stealers need not apply)

The Undecided

Atross City is now Continuity compliant. Have a nice day!

1chance of survivors minimal2 genii (jee-nee-eye: n): proper plural of genius3unfortunately, no one knows what the normality is relative too4being tall and sharp, it was first to go when the foot 5 came... 5the foot was not best pleased6partially because its not worth the effort

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