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I'm not minging!

Hello fellow persons, things and small furry creatures from alpha centuri. I'm your host, Cupid Stunt, and for the duration of this drivel I will be your guide to this drivel.

Cupid Stunt - Busy Ditch, Pheasant Plucker, Member of SATS, Owner of Ducky, Scapegoat, United Friend of H2G2, Sir Eal - Knight of Passion, Vegetarian, Irregular Regular, Faffing Lifeguard, Idiot, Helper of the Lonely and Blue, The Right Honourable, The Downright Dishonourable, Sting like a Butterfly, Fly like a Bee...

Is there no beginning to my talents? Introduction to me! Vital statistics of a spoonerism.
Name: Neil Davis.
Born: Must have been.
Eyes: Two.
Hair: Yes.
Height: 6'2" Weight: Mind your own! Erm, about 11 and a half stone I think... Interests: Aren't very interesting.

I'm 19 years of age, and have recently (Or not so recently) began studying physics at Warwick Uni. "Is this man a nutter?" I hear you cry. "Yes!" I also hear. Hmmm. I didn't get into Cambridge, but there are many reasons for this, the least of which being I accidentally sent the admissions tutor an obscene e-mail. I actually didn't want to go there anyway, so it worked out in the end. Warwick, you are fantastic!
Library books on a shelf
With any luck I will soon be a certificated smart arse. I was a bit worried that I'd make the mistake of mentioning turnips at the interview, but everything went fine. I hope to do scientific research after various degrees. If you're interested my IQ is 158. I read a lot, and not only about science either. I am interested in subjects as diverse as psycology to history to humour. Especially humour. I even write it occasinally1. You never know you might even find me funny! Diagram showing binary starsCurrently I have embarked upon three works of fiction. Firstly the Obscene script, which is more surreal than obscene, and secondly the bizzare sketch show, which is fairly self explanatory. I have also attempted more contemporary humour in the form of a sitcom, which is at last starting to take shape. I'm also only just getting the hang of GuideML, so expect lots of pictures to pop up. They will for the most part have no relevance... Other hobbies include dressing up in extremely silly costumes and dancing about the union while sober. I'm also a dedicated member of SATS, the Society for the Addition of a Towel Smiley, which has recently been victorious in obtaining a towel smiley!. I own a virtual duck, called ducky, who speaks by telepathy....


smiley - boing I'm not a minger!! smiley - weird

I'm the babysitter of the Society for the Addition of a Towel Smiley, which also involves checking the spelling...
That's enough for now, but I'll be back to change it, and be warned, it may get sillier. Possibly even surreal.
Faculty of Science

I am an ACE, and if I ever get my act together, I'll be a feild researcher too. Please don't hesitate to give your opinions on my University of Life Project.

Look out for me, Ducky, in Neil's postings. I'm the brains of this outfit!!!
Incidently, If anyone is mad enough to want to email me, you can do so at [email protected]

The many faces of Cupid Stunt

(or Smileys I like the look of)

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Who else is in the land of the living?


Cupid Stunts' homepage rules. Or does it?

smiley - Roooole One - Nyooow Poofters2.
smiley - Rule Two - No Rule twos.
smiley - Rule Three - No Shouting.
smiley - Rule Five - No hesitation, deviation, hesitation, deviation, hesitation, deviation, or worst of all, repetition.
smiley - Rool Sxi - No Mizpeld Wurds.
smiley - Rule Seven - Before entering all visitors must knock twice, once.
smiley - Rule Eight - No Durzy Murnkeys.
smiley - Rule Nine -
More rules when I find the list...

Snow White and the seven smileys!

smiley - Happy
smiley - Sleepy
smiley - Sneezy
smiley - Bashful
smiley - Dopey
smiley - Grumpy
smiley - Doc

Read with care the following scentence!

I'm not a pheasant plucker, I'm the pheasant pluckers son, and I'm only plucking pheasants till the pheasant plucker comes!

Places well worth a visit!!

The Aroma Cafesmiley -
The ACE's homepage
Swimming Pool
H2IQsmiley -
SATSsmiley -
GIN!smiley -
M2M2smiley -

Peeps who put up with me... I think... I wouldn't call them friends exactly, they might be offended!

A snooker tablesmiley - Goth_Fish
The Black Racoon
smiley - Demon Drawer
smiley - pink_sparkley_fairy
E. Vebenstein
Ming Mang
Cunning Stunt

Other... Stuff

Bored.comsmiley - For when Your bored.
Babelfishsmiley - A very useful fish. Most of the time.
The Sparksmiley - Try the tests. Very Revealing!

smiley - towelsmiley - towel It's here! It's here! Victory!!! smiley - towelsmiley - towel

Characters from The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

September 11th 2001smiley -

1This is of course a matter of opinion2This is only a joke! Poofters are welcome! Pull up a pew, you're in good company!


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