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Grab yourself a smiley - cappuccino or a smiley - tea and settle down on a big squashy sofa with a good book. Here's a place to post reviews to books you've read, discuss things with other readers or just have a chat.

If you would like to see your review appear in smiley - thepost then it needs to be posted here. Collaborated reviews are welcome, so please post comments to books on the review page as well.

Vaguely relevent Guide Entries.

This is a list of links to all the enteries that will make you want to turn off the computer and read a book... If I've missed any please post below. I'm still working on the entry list, so please let me know if I've missed your favourite.

Children's Books and Authors

  • 'Biggles' - by Captain WE Johns
  • Science Fiction and Fantasy


    Myths, Legends, etc

    Historically important books..

    Have a look at the related BBC links

    The offical BBC books homepage.

    The Big Read

    You could also visit..

    There is another H2G2 Book Group, they're reading No Logo at the moment, why no pop along and join in the fun.

    Read a lot of Science? Fancy adding to this growing list of useful books. All comments and reviews welcome here at The h2g2 Popular Science Book Project.

    What are you reading at the moment?

    Did you really enjoy it, or did you break the spine by throwing it across the room? Post a review here and let us all know what you thought.

    Are you feeling inspired?

    If all this reading has left you feeling that you'd like to try feel free to post a the A numbers below, so i can add them to this list, then the rest of us can read and comment

    Just post below if you fancy joining the book club.

    As of 09.04.2007 we have 92 members!smiley - biggrin

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