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Hiya , thanks for stopping by. Make yourself at home, pull up a comfy chair and help yourself to tea and biscuits.

I'm HonestIago and I'm a 42 year old Scouse lad. I was mostly a denzien of the now late Talk Buffy section but I moved over to h2g2 and found that Ask h2g2 and The Forum are great ways to exercise the old grey matter and also to show off. If you're a refugee from Talk Buffy and now find yourself lost you can get transferred to h2g2 by going to this page and making a request. Then come and join us in Slayerville

I started watching Buffy when I was 12, and sad as this sounds, it was a big part of my teen years. Unfortunately I was horribly dependant on the BBC and so my adolescence had an extra source of frustration but now Buffy is gone from our screens and it's left a gaping hole.

Time for the almost inevitable 'Favourites' list, I'll try to be brief: my favourite Buffy character is Tara, she was wise, mature, confident and strong, all of which I aspire to be.

My favourite episode is The Gift but there are many episodes such as Earshot, OMWF, Family, Help and Conversations With Dead People which come in as close runners-up.

My favourite Season is probably S5, just because it had so much in it and also Riley left. Hurrah! I also have a soft spot for S2 and for S6

In the real world I'm a teacher/6th form tutor/general dogsbody in Bradford and my main job is getting my charges into university and beyond. I can usually be found rounding up students, arranging Aimhigher trips and stealing any pens that aren't nailed down

Since I'm such a big cheerleader for university, and I reckon Uni is the happiest time of most peoples lives I should probably say something about my undergraduate days: I was a student at Manchester Uni, and I did a highly intellectual subject with a very light workload. While at Uni I learned to Scuba dive through my University diving club MUSAC and it was awesome, I'd heartily reccomend it to anybody

I like almost all music, particularly Evanescence. I like drama, more the backstage, technical stuff than the scary appearing in front of an audience stuff and I cycle for miles, or I would if I could find anywhere nice to ride in Bradford.

With the exception of Buffy I hardly watch TV but when they are on I adore 6 Feet Under for it's beautiful direction and realistic portrayal of gay characters, The Shield because it is very disturbing and thought-provoking, and The West Wing because it has the finest writers of any show on TV - Buffy included.

That's about it, feel free to leave me a message if you agree/disagree with anything I've said or if you just want to say hi.

I'm a United Friend, a cool group who love Hootoo

Another cool place on h2g2 is M2M2 the LGB (Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual) area. It used to be pretty dead but has had a lot of new posters lately and new games such as The Great Gay Game and Wish You Were Queer Apologies for that one, it wasn't my pun

For a time I was a Sub-editor, one of a group of people who do some final editing on Entries before they make it into the Guide. If you are thinking of writing and article for the guide, you might want to check out these links: Sub-editors' Guide ML, Special characters and Guide to Sub-editors' punctuation as it will increase the chances of your article making it past the Peer Review stage

If you don't feel able, or don't have the time, to write an entire Entry alone you could always check out the Flea Market where abandoned entries need someone loving to adopt them, or there's the Collaborative Writing forum if you think you could help someone on a current project, or you want help on your's. Finally you could always visit the Update Forum if you think you can contemporise old Entries.

After 3 and a half years here, I've finally got around to getting a hootoo specific email address. If you are mad enough to want to contact me, you can do so at honestiago(dot)h2g2 (at) googlemail (dot) com

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