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I thought perhaps I ought to do a links page thingy at some point. I thought this well over a year ago, but now I've finally got around to actually doing one. smiley - yikes

So, here you are:

Formal and/or Official Stuff

Welcome Pages
Don't Panic!, otherwise known as Help!
The GuideML Clinic, gives help with figuring out GuideML, surprisingly. smiley - winkeye

The ACEs Homepage

Places where the community is talking.
Smileys!smiley - bigeyes
Ask the community at large anything you like.

Find out how many reseachers have registered so far, who's been posting more than everyone else and the most recent conversations to have been posted in on the Info Page.

Other Stuff

In no particular order...

The Kingdom of Balwyniti; a great place to hang around, even if you only want to lurk... smiley - winkeye

The H2G2S2; the H2G2 Sweet Shop. smiley - bigeyes

The Ministry of Silly Campaigns; possibly the first Ministry on H2G2!

The Evil Genius of Evil Genii currently has an evil scheme that needs aiding or foiling. Go ahead, do either.

The Ministry of Inane and Elongated Conversations. Talk inanely and elongatedly for as long as you like. smiley - biggrin

The Scapegoat Service exists purely for people neeeding someone to blame for something. It cannot survive if people don't...

Try SMoB's Word Gymnastics, they're fun, if difficult sometimes... smiley -

You can register your birthday at the Researchers Birthdays page, if you want people to wish you a happy birthday when it comes around. smiley -

And there's the H2IQ quiz, which is exasperating.

More is coming, honest it is, I just need some time online tomorrow... really, I will put something here other than drivel telling you that I'm going to put something here.

I will!!

Stop looking at me like that!!

smiley - tongueout

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