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The H2G2 Scapegoat Service sits passively in a corner staring at the floor not doing anything and being a general scapegoat and victim.

If you feel the need to blame somebody for something, yell at someone or just generally be nasty, the H2G2 Scapegoat Service is here to provide the scapegoat and/or victim for you to take it out on.

The Scapegoats and Victims:

 Name  How They are Usually Treated, General Insults, etc.
 Ming  General scapegoat, useless scab, sad, wears glasses, not worth even talking to...
 HHH  Completely useless typical male who does everything wrong and can't spell...
 good plan  Make it up yourself, go on, be imaginative...
 2legs  Is always blamed for everything, why stop now?
 Cupid Stunt  Takes the blame for things otherwise attributed to Murphy's Law.
 Goth (Fish)  Is blamed for most computer faults, so go ahead...
 Marjin  Takes the blame for all software faults and bugs, except those of Microsoft.

Please feel free to insult us, blame us, use us as a general scapegoat, etc...

But please try to keep to doing it in this forum only.

Thank you.

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