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Do you fancy yourself an Olympic gymnast but you started too late in life? Or perhaps your fingers would rather be dancing over the keyboard than grasping a pommel horse? Do you find yourself fascinated with words, their meaning, or how to string them into musical prose? Or are you just looking for yet another way to pass the time while you put off taking care of your real life?

If you answered 'yes' to any of these questions, then WORD GYMNASTICS IS FOR YOU!!!!

How to play

In each game you'll be required to do something with words; luckily (and perhaps not entirely coincidentally smiley - biggrin), words are our medium for expression here at h2g2.

The games can be found in the conversations at the bottom of this page, feel free to join in at any time! If you have any ideas for new games, please let me know, and I'll be all too happy to add them.

Current categories include:

The story that never ends!

Remember how you used to sit around the camp fire and you'd play a game where everyone would tell part of a story then stop at a crucial moment, and someone else would have to pick up the story from there and say what happens next? Well here's your chance to do it online!!

Write your own definition!

A word will be posted to a forum, and you're asked to define it. Now we don't want the REAL definition, (you can just use an online dictionary for that!), we want you to be creative: make up something that SOUNDS plausible, or maybe just outrageous!

And please, feel free to add your own words to this game: just start a new conversation for this entry with the title: 'Write Your Own Definition - Wordnamehere'

Absolutely Amazing Alliteration!!! (Suggested by Archangel Kes)

Each person posts a sentence (or fragment) that is mostly alliterative, then nominates the next letter ... for example:

"Busily biting beef, Bertie burped ..." next letter = G

"Goodness, gracious, Garth groaned!" next letter = ...and so on ...

Hanging Man (Started by Dancer)

An h2g2 version of the old pen-and-paper game. The number of letters in a word will be displayed, and the players must guess letters. Each time a letter is correctly guessed, it will be inserted into the proper place in the word.

The Rules:

  1. The word must be in English unless mentioned otherwise.
  2. Write (Actually copy-paste) the whole thing over again every post, so there'll be no need to read the backlog in order to join.
  3. 8 wrong guesses and only painful neck stretching. Death if the ninth guess is wrong.
  4. An incorrect vowel counts as two wrong guesses.
  5. If you get it right you should write the next word or at least ask someone else on the thread to start the next one.
  6. If the game is lost, the person who chose that word gets to choose who starts the next game.
  7. No proper nouns.

Our 'sister entry'

If you like to play with words, why don't you pop over to the Haiku Challenge? There's even an alliterative haiku challenge, suggested by iaoth!

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