Haiku Challenge!!!

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Tired of the mundane?

Do you lack challenges in

your life? Write Haiku!!

Yes boys and girls, mums and dads, puppydogs and kittycats, it's time for the....


Pit your skill (or the lack of it smiley - winkeye) against other H2G2 researchers! Laugh! Cry! Make a friend! Boldly go where no researcher has gone before!

Yes, I know what you're thinking -- I can't POSSIBLY write Haiku -- but fear not, ANYONE can do it! All it takes is a topic (and that, as you shall see, you don't even need to come up with yourself) and an ability to count to seven!!! As long as you have both hands with most of your fingers intact, you're THERE baby!!!


Yes, it wouldn't be a competition without rules, so here goes...

  1. Follow the 5-7-5 rule to create your Haiku. That is, the first line has five syllables, the second has seven, and the last, five. Could anything be easier than that?
  2. Once you've written your Haiku, make sure you leave a topic for the next researcher to Haiku-ise, the more obscure, the better!
  3. There are all sorts of other elements to a Haiku. You may use these at will, but no researcher will be required to do so.
  4. Feel free to make your Haiku as bad as possible but please, boys and girls, keep it clean. This is a family show. smiley - angel

That's it!!! Right now, you can join the challenge here, or the new threads at the bottom of this page (it took a little while to come out of moderation smiley - blue, and while we were waiting, new threads were added). The challenge will all eventually be moved to the bottom of this page.

Happy Haiku!!!!1

Some of our intrepid Haijin

These are some of the talented people who've taken up the challenge. (If you've joined and aren't listed here, all you need do is ask.... Why not visit someone today? You know you want to smiley - smiley)

Our Courageous Haijin2Legs Alexandra Marie Chaser Archangel Kes Archangel Tweetie Aurora B-17BagpussBosselBright Blue ShortsDastardlyd'ElaphantDr E VibensteinDoctorGonzoEkki Ekki Ekki F'tang Hala Hala Hala Bah-whingE G MelExistential ElevatorFeffifords_prefectFraulein GrafenbergFred SmithGeorge (the babbling) BrookeHeliumBanditiaothInannaInfinityJazzmonkey73Jhos the Left EarKumetanzukaLivzyLux RothchopMarkTheMeSMetal ChickenMickey Thomas' Right FootMinesweep GoddessMing MangMiztresMontana RedheadNick O'TeenOmmigoshOrmondroydoxOttoxPan, the piper at the gates of dawnpathew sgleiniogPercy the SnoodleSad, Mad or BadSamSecond GriffonSome bloke who tried to think of a short, catchy, pithy nameSprant; the Stygian one(St)DragonflyTeaserman the DiscontinuousThorfin SkullsplittervogonpoetWitty MonikerZagrebZenMondo

1The author would like to thank Nick O'Teen for helping me come up with this.

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