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The White Horse, Romsey, Hampshire, UK

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Situated in the beautiful area of Romsey, Hampshire, UK with a quiet road running in front of it, The White Horse is a fairly large pub, with a big car park. It has recently been redecorated with many lovely paintings, ornaments, and ancient farming tools. The tables, instead of having numbers, have the names of herbs and flowers.

It has a fairly large bar, but the place is used mainly for eating rather than drinking. Friendly waitresses - none of the 'down in the mouth' sort - serve an expansive dining area. The food is very good indeed, though nothing to scream about. There's a varying menu, and blackboards dotted around the pub indicate to all the meals of the day. You can also tell that the puddings are not just the reheated sort.

Pricing's modest as well, with a very neat little (the term 'little' used loosely) chicken breast, filled with cream cheese, and covered in a rosemary cream sauce, for about £71.

1Prices correct at time of writing.

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