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Are you too a shark-fearing exhibitionist? then why not join


H2G2 Researchers Against Swimming Costumes.

It is a well-documented fact that 99.99999% of shark attacks occur when the victim is wearing a swimming-costume or other item of clothing during, and prior to the attack. It doesn't take Deep-Thought to realise that there is a link here. We here at HRASC believe that this evil carnivorous fish threat can be eliminated from our lives by removing the one common element in each attack - the swiming costume. So join today. DOWN WITH THE SWIMMING COSTUMES!

What do H.R.A.S.C. actually do then?

H.R.A.S.C. are working to reduce the amount of shark attacks in the world by the gradual abolition of swimwear worldwide. This is being carried out in the following ways:
1) Boycotting shops known to be encouraging the purchasing of swimwear.
2) Demonstrating outside/Firebombing factories envolved in the manufacture of swimwear.
3) And obviously confiscating the swimwear of anyone found to be wearing it.

Swimwear? What's that then?

The term swimwear includes: Bikinis, Trikinis, the-other-ones-in-one-peice, goggles, those-rubber-head-things, flippers, snorkels, trunks, nose-plugs and flip-flops.

Where do H.R.A.S.C. operate?

Generally around The H2G2 Beach, but operatives also occasionally extend their range to cover The H2G2 Pool and also The Lifeguard Station.
However, as these areas expand into new forums (or just mutate far beyond their original intentions), they become very hard to link to, so you may have better luck at The H2G2 Waterworks & Beach.
Just generally anywhere on H2G2 where there is water and a posibility of a shark attack is high.1

So how do I join this incredible organisation?

Just go to The sign-up sheet and leave me a message. And then a whole world of wonderment awaits you!

List of Members

Here is a list of current members. As a new member you get your name here AND a link to your page. (As well as the right to confiscate skimpies at will from sunbathers).

TechnicolorYawn (founding member)
Bluebottle (Lost In Sp)ACE - Peregrin for President! Escher and Dali! (See A379253) 10 Days to Go!
Roasted Amoeba †
Luna(Queen of Hearts)
Asteroid Lil (Duchess of Data)
Løønytünes»» Ace up sleeve
Mike A
Greebo T. Cat
Third asst. eng.(deuce of clubs)
The Ambassador
Anonymouse (40077)
Dancing Ermine
Demon Drawer
TechnicolorYawn's JCB
Dr St Justin, Patron Saint of Paper-Cuts
P'hul -That Feels Like Liquid Mercury And Who Is The Slippiest
The Cheese (Silly rabbit, Trix are for kids!)
bluDragon [Alias 15304]and Sealia (family membership)
Irving Washington
Venus in Fly-Trap
Yeliab Salohcin †
Lucinda (AKA MyRedDice)
Mark Moxon
Penguin Girl(ACE)
Bobin' Along (with the flow)
The Dirty Vicar

In time, I may make a posh certificate for you to put on your site, so no-one can complain when you steal their bikini/trunks/both.

Due to a request from bluDragon, we are now doing joint 'family memberships' too. Get the whole clan to join!

1If you feel like having a go in real life as well, then be my guest.

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