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On H2G2

'typo-' greek --------- 'character' (as in written character)

'-lif-' phonetic -------- 'leaf' (in french, this word amounts to 'paper')

'-i' italian -------------- plural

SO: 'Typolifi' smiley - xmastree 'papers with characters written on them'

This is what I sometimes feel like.


Of Editing the Guide

What I like most of all is writing. I have plenty ideas in general, and for entries too. Then why didn't I write a single one in ten years?
answer a) Wanted it to be too perfect?
answer b) Me not native speaker?
answer c) Couldn't be bothered?
answer d) Was too much of a teenager?
answer e) Am too often offline?
answer f) I'll write them soon?

Did you notice the subtle tense change here? That's time for you :)

Of Threads and Discussions

The major feature of our community is the everlasting possibility to have a good chat. Whether serious or silly, blue or happy, agree or argue, there are open-minded people around ready for fun thought, and that's really unique and smiley - cool.

Honest, I hope you won't ever mind my coming in, saying seemingly meaningless babble, and then going away for a month or two. I really feel free on h2g2, not only from social rigor mortis, but also from logic and mutual comprehension. And that's what my posts are like.

Of Titles and Groups

Everything following here is funtrue.

smiley - xmastreeKeeper of hasardous thoughts born in language
smiley - footprintsMember of the HRASC. Confiscate swimwear!
smiley - sporkGrand Nofficer of the 5th Wibble Taskforce
smiley - towelMuse of dry cleaning
smiley - zzzMember of the Royal h2g2 Procrastinators Society
smiley - grovelLone monk of the Empty Temple on the Avenue of small gods

Version: 1.1
RE Y++ N+ SG-B A++@ P>+: L M-- s V++> E- PR p>+ a+@ B++(+) TV+ r D(+) T! nh!? C+- m t++
-----END H2G2 CODE BLOCK-----

In R.L.

Age: It changes with time, but I was born in 1981.
Nationality: Not really...

Under Construction...2

If you don't like this page, you can print it and send it to the following address:

Returns Department
Aldermans Green Ind Est
Dutton Road
Coventry, CV2 2QT



Then the BBC may do something about it3.
3But that would really surprise me.
2Some of you might have wondered why it said 'under construction' here for so long, without anything actually appearing to be constructed. As a matter of fact it's because it's my real life that's under construction, not my page.3But that would really surprise me.


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