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Thanks for dropping by, I'll be writing any (interesting) information you might want to know about me below my links. They're all up here because I'm usuallly too lazy to scroll down looking for them. These are my favourite sections of the site and (if any newbies are reading this) a good starting point for getting involved.


Statistics page :- Because I just have to know
Ask H2G2 :- Or more usually stick my oar in for an answer...
Peer Review Pages For all those entries waiting for scouting, and to keep an eye on any that I might have in the queue
The ACEs Homepage :- They're a useful bunch to know.
Smiley Page Because I can never remember them
The H2G2 Post So I can keep up with what's going on.
GuideML Clinic :- Just in case I think of something else for a guide entry.

I have a nasty habit of disappearing for months and months on end as a consequence of (firstly) not having free internet access when not at university and (secondly) a rather annoying work placement programme that takes me away from said free access almost every year as part of my degree. All is not lost though as these absences have typically been preceded by an increase in Guide Entry writing activity. So if you notice that I'm being more prolific, then it's probably a sure bet that I'll suddenly shut up for a few months.

As you can probably guess from the contents of my nickname, I am one of the ever increasing band of Assistant Community Editors or ACEs. If you've come along specifically looking for help and I'm not about, or on one of those extended breaks I mentioned earlier, all the nice people in the list below will be happy to help.

Wascally Wittle Weasel

An ermine is a small carnivore that can be found throughout Europe and North America well as occasionally further afield. It may also be known as a short tailed weasel, or a stoat. It goes brown in summer but reverts to a white coat during the winter months though keeps the black tip on its tail. They are lively, muscular, agile, curious, and occasionally viscious when trapped. They can sometimes be seen during daylight hours but are more often nocturnal in activity. Their principle diet contains mice, rabbits, hares, porcupines, squirrels, pikas and rats and will eat up to 40% of their body weight in one day which they hunt using a very keen sense of smell. Pretty much me down to a tee, apart from the eating little animals bit.

The Interesting Stuff

First thing's first, and as I mentioned above, I am a student. This knowledge is essential for understanding why I do many things here, from being online for hours at a time to spending all my time in the pub. I am in my third year of a four year business administration course at the University of Bath both of which I have written guide entries about1. When I'm not studying or logged onto h2g2 I have been known to play hockey2 and compete in ballroom dancing for the university. I've also taken up archery for the simple reason that I fancied shooting pointy things at targets3

That should give you a fairly accurate idea of my interests and angle of approach and so give you an idea as to how to start some conversations. If you're still not quite sure what I'm interested in you could always have a look at some of my edited guide entries I'm getting quite a few now, nearly one a month since I've been here, including all those extended absences. Feel free to say something in the discussion forums below or start your own.

1Though a subeditor did amalgamate them into one piece2Field hockey for our North American friends3And guns are too loud


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