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Relaxing on the beach

Welcome to the Beach - the Best place to relax and unwind on H2G2.

The sun's out here, the sea is warm, and there's a golden, 5-mile coast sheltered coast. It is everything you could ever want out of the perfect beach, with sand perfect for riding horses on or building sandcastles with. It's a very sociable place, full of bikini babes, handsome hunks, fun fish and sand, so everything you could ever want out of the perfect beach. So sit back, relax, and enjoy yourself. Take a swim, or even go beach combing.

A tourist on the beach

However, there are always dangers that someone might drown, or be eaten by a shark. So, do you have what it takes to be a Lifeguard? Or would you rather just sit in a beach hut, or go to a quiet part of the beach and relax?

As it is really hot here, luckily we have an icecream stall to help cool us down.

Bouncy Castle

There is even a bouncy castle here, so anytime you feel energetic and want to let off a bit of steam, then feel free to bounce away! All we ask is that you do not wear shoes, but pogo-sticks, space-hoppers and jump-jumpers are welcome if you want to go for the full Bounce effect.

Beach Barbecue


Bouncy castles sure make you work up an appetite, so after exercising, why not relax and enjoy our barbecue.

Food on offer includes:

  • smiley - hotdog Hotdogs
  • smiley - burger Burgers
  • smiley - corncob Corn on the cob
  • Plus jacket potatoes, onions, etc. etc.
  • Help yourself to tomato ketchup, mustard, butter, cheese, brown sauce and barbecue sauce
    • You can also drink:
  • smiley - ale Beer
  • smiley - bubbly Champagne
  • smiley - oj Orange Squash
  • smiley - stiffdrink Spirits
  • smiley - stout Stout
  • smiley - coffee And a wide range of teas smiley - tea and coffeessmiley - cappuccino

Bikini Competition

H2G2 Bikini Competition

The h2g2 Bikini competition is often held here too!

Surrounding Area

A Picnic on the beach

Round the cove from where the river reaches the sea is a wilder, windy area where an off-shore coral reef creates perfect waves for windsurfing.smiley - surfer

Off shore is the wreck of a pirate ship, home to fish of all shapes, sizes and colours, but the fabulous treasure is said to still be aboard.

smiley - bluefishThe fish in the seasmiley - hsif
smiley - schooloffishsmiley - hsifsmiley - fishsmiley - dolphin

Near the beach, to the East is a River that runs between the wood, that runs into the Sea. See the Map.

To the West stretch a series of cliffs. There are several Caves and a Cliff Lift that goes down to meet them. Also well worth a visit, at low tide, is the quaint and picturesque Lighthouse on the far end of the bay.

Also beware of the Island of Mewem with the mysterious Mt. Muwemu on the centre...

You can take a look at the Map for a better description.

Life's a beach
And then you fly
So let's go swimming
In the sky.1

Remember that the Beach and the Swimming Pool is all a part of HRASC- H2G2 Researchers Against Swimming Costumes, banning swimming costumes, and keeping us safe from sharks smiley - shark for good!

The Ski Slope

Yes, there is now an official ski slope, which is on the beach. So, if you want to go skiing, or even climb up a huge mountain, visit Mt. Sandcastle. And it's not just skiing there, but snowmen, sledging, snowboarding, or you can just relax by a comforting fire. So why not go there and see? In fact, that's not the only mountain - we now have built Mount SandEverest, a mountain we had great fun in climbing!


The Pool is patrolled by Lifeguards, so you can be sure that you won't drown!
There are still positions yet to be filled! So what are you waiting for? Join up now!!!! All lifeguards are members of SOUL - The Society to Outlaw Unauthorised Lifeguards.

2012 Water Games

h2g2 Water Games.

The Beach is one of the venues of the 2012 Water Games. Events include:

Other places to go in the Waterworks:Other places to visit:
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