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The H2G2 WaterworksThe Fountain

Another part of the H2G2 Waterworks is the wonderful fountain that's in the middle of the H2G2 town. It's often used as a meeting point for the members of the Rambling Misfits, or couples who want to use the romantic atmosphere for good effect.

The Town Square

A bench by the square - sit down and relax

The Town Square is a place in the centre of the town where, after a hard day's shopping, people can come to meet, relax, and just take a break from the busy world around them. Somehow, there's a lot less bustle here, with the fountain soothing the atmosphere1 so people can sit down on a bench, relax, and feel rested.

Despite the fact that this area is never crowded, there are often a lot of people here. Yet here, instead of pushing and shoving each other out of the way, people stop and talk and meet each other. In fact, quite a few romances have been started by the soothing, almost romantic, atmosphere here.

So why not go to the Fountain for a while, to enjoy the peace and quiet? Or, as there is also a small water fountain too, you could drink some of the Tap water instead?

The fountain's pure water is also supplied to the House of Relaxation.

Remember - The Fountain is Patrolled by Lifeguards in case you fall in!

Other places to go in the Waterworks:

Or you can take a look at the Map!

1Although, if the fountain has another effect on you, the The Public Toilets aren't far away.

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