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Welcome to H2G2 Waterworks Public Toilets, where you can go for all your toiletting needs. We have male and female toilets, and male and females disabled toilets, nappy changing rooms, drinking water with disposable cups, paper towels, air driers where you do not have to press the button with your elbow but sense when your hand is near 1, mirrors, foot operated taps as well as normal taps, plus sockets for electric razers, and even a small mirror for the vain to stare at themselves. We even have a set of benches in the ladies for groups of people to sit on, as afterall, women seem to think going to the loo is a social event2 and then complain about queues...

Need the loo?A woman and one of our delightful toilets.

Still, enough of that. There are toilets are in the town square near the Fountain, and the waste goes direct to the Sewer. The toilets also serve both the Aroma Cafe and Forum And Firkin, and most other places really. So, if you need to spend a penny, here you can for free!

Only the following question remains; are you here to relieve yourself, or to write Graffiti? Please don't tell me you're here for ToiletJokes.

The Map of the WaterworksPortable looOther places to go in the Waterworks:

Or see the Map.

1And you don't have to hit them a few times to get them to work2One of life's mysteries - if you can explain why women have to go to the toilet together can you let me know? Are they trying to prove to each other that they actually went? How do you explain Men & Women's Toilet Habbits

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