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The W.C.

Background Information:

An English lady, while visiting in Switzerland, was looking for a room and asked the school-master if he could recommend one. He took her to see several rooms, and when everything was settled, the lady returned home to
make final preparations to move.

When she arrived home, the thought occurred to her that she had not seen a "W.C."1 in the entire place. So she immediately wrote a note to the school-master
asking him if there was a "W.C." in the place. The school-master was a very poor student of English, meaning he wasn't familiar with too many terms and abbreviations. He asked the Parish Priest if he could help in the matter. Together they tried to find the meaning of the letters, "W.C." . The only solution they could find for the letters was "
Wesleyan Chapel". The school-master then wrote the following letter to the English women:

My Dear Madam;

I take great pleasure in informing you that the W.C. is situated nine miles from the house in the center of a beautiful grove of pine trees surrounded by lovely grounds. It is capable of accommodating 229 people, and it is
open on Sundays and Thursdays only. As there are great numbers of people expected during the summer months, I suggest that you come early, although usually there is plenty of standing room.

This is an unfortunate situation, especially if you are in the habit of going regularly. It may be of some interest to know that my daughter was married in the W.C. and it was there that she had met her husband. I can remember the rush for seats that day. There were 10 people to every seat that was usually occupied by only one. It was wonderful to see the expressions on their faces.

You will be glad to hear that a good number of people bring their lunch and make a day out of it, while those who can afford to go by car, arrive just on time. I could especially recommend your ladyship to go on Thursdays when
there is an organ accompaniment. The acoustics are excellent, and even the most delicate of sounds can be heard everywhere.

My wife is rather delicate so she cannot attend regularly. It is almost a year since she went last, and naturally it pains her very much not to be able to go more often.

I shall be delighted to reserve the best seat for you, where you shall be seen by all.

Hoping to be of some service to you,

The School Master

So Long, And Thanks For Laughing
1A W.C. is a "water closet", or toilet

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