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The Public Toilets: The Ladies

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Sorry about that, my weekend was a bit busy. My gf had her b'day party yesterday and with all the preperations!

Anyway, the interview, it went well, I did the best I could. But I think they are looking for someone with experience that I just don't possess. So I don't think it will be me who will get the job, but hey, I'll probably hear something this week...

How is life for you. Still busy doing all the assignments? When do you have to be ready with them? Just curious!

smiley - hug bye Jacqueline

The Public Toilets: The Ladies

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ugh...my assignments...smiley - yuk

they're all overdue now, but I'm trying to knock them off as much/soon as possible... smiley - groan

Hmmm.....if I remember correctly, there's a jacuzzi in the attendant's loo.... smiley - biggrin

...*sneaks into the jacuzzi*...

Well...mmmm....I think BB's been holding out on us!!! smiley - laugh

The Public Toilets: The Ladies

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Yep, BB probably thinks: well, they are there anyway, they can keep it clean! Jaccuzi? Darn, I didn't know that!

Well, I'll wait till you decide to get out of the jaccuzi again...otherwise my girlfriend will get jealous smiley - winkeye

Good luck with those assignments!

Bye, Jacqueline

The Public Toilets: The Ladies

Post 104


*Acting innocently*
Jacuzzi? Jacuzzi? Oh, yes, well, that jacuzzi... I'd forgotten it was there, honest! smiley - winkeye
*Starts to work cleaning the floor and the sinks etc.*smiley - whistle


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