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This is a room in Frink's Drinks - the official clubhouse of the Rambling Misfits, the unofficial H2G2 Softball team. Ironically enough I'm British and haven't got a clue about softball. Well, I know it's some kind of game, but I don't know whether you kick the ball, hit it, run with it, throw it, eat it, or what.

Get virtually fit with Peregrin's Gym™

Hi and welcome to Peregrin's Gym™. This is for all of us who are spending way too much time in front of a computer screen and really should be getting more exercise. Well, now we can - without lifting a finger.1

To be a good softball player, you obviously need to practice. But as this is a virtual software team with a virtual clubhouse, I thought it needed a virtual training room and virtual gym.

So here it is. Feel free to practice your virtual softball skills. We've got a very nice multigym, and bits and pieces of equipment lying around.

Develop a virtual six-pack in days with Peregrin's Gym™

By the way, I am strongly opposed to advertising and product placement; and so I will not be showing any big-name brand logos on this page.2
1Except to type, of course.2Unless they give me lots of money.

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