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Welcome To
Frink's Drinks
The Official Softball Clubhouse of The Rambling Misfits
Please make yourself at home.

The Original Directory

The BarThe Pharmacy
The PsychicThe Sound Room & Dance Club
The GreenhouseThe Zoo & Aquarium
The LoungeThe House of Relaxation
The Mental Health CenterThe Philosophy Place
The Business OfficeThe Tech Center
The Produce DepartmentThe Medical Center
The Equipment ShackThe Need-A-Ride Room
The Tea & Chat RoomThe Observatory
The Security PostThe Kitchen
The Strategy SiteThe Karaoke Korner

In addition to the original rooms, every member of the Rambling Misfits gets a free room here at Frink's Drinks. If you would like your own room, just apply for a Building Permit. Here is the current member directory:

RoomHosted By
The Tibetan Greenhouse DugoutJohn-the-gardener
The World Wide Jam Roomdanielt@adelaide
The Aroma CaféIrving Washington
The Kitchen'n'Bakerykats-eyes
Peregrin's GymPeregrin
H2G2 Waterworks & BeachBluebottle
The House of RelaxationShazz
Mike A's Mosh PitMike A
The ObservatoryJimi X
The Press Box and Announcer's BoothDemon Drawer
The Ticket Sales OfficeThe Cheese
The Polyglot PlazaMikonet
The Fish PondThe Fish

Although it is never updated anymore, you can still read The Misfit Newsletter.

If you would like to see how Frink's Drinks and The Rambling Misfits got their names, check out the voting results for the Name The Team Contest.

Feeling left out because you aren't a member of the softball team? Why not join right now?

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