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Pippa, The Garlic Munching Doughnut

Hello Frink,
Could I please have the honour of picking your brain about something?
Well, I'm going to anyway....smiley - smiley
I moved to France in August of 1999, from England and so earned myself the nickname 'The Frog Leg eating, Garlic munching Doughnut'. However, since then, I have found out the appalling way in which frogs legs are obtained, and this resulted in me changing my nick name to that which is stated above.
Gosh, It's a really serious posting so far, isn't it? Well, we'll soon change that....smiley - smiley
Wibble cadoolaly zipzong mud....... Much better!
Anyway, my good friends, YinYang and John the Gardener, and me got talking about it and we have decided to set up a Pro-amphibian campaign, FROGGIES-Fighters for the Rights Of the Green and the Grey In Every Situation.
John the Gardener recommended you to me and said that maybe if I named our page 'The Garden Pond, home of the FROGGIES' or something, that perhaps we could submit it to Frinks Drinks, what do you say?
I will also need help on how to get a new page started and how to link it to my page etc. etc., please, because when it comes to this I have no idea. That does not, however, give you permission to speak to me as if I was an imbecile smiley - winkeye
Look forward to hearing from you ASAP, as we really want to get this thing up and running,
Many thanks,
Falawang indlewoo,


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The Ghost Of TV's Frink

Hello pippa etc. etc.

Sorry I didn't reply until now - I didn't even see this posting until tonight smiley - sadface

This all sounds good to me - I love the acronym! But first things first......have you joined the Misfits yet? I don't think you have, because I can't find you on the roster. If you have, my apologies. If you haven't, why not join up? It will make it much easier for me to attach your garden pond to Frinks Drinks.



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The Ghost Of TV's Frink

Hmmmmm......I'd love to help - just let me know smiley - smiley

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