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This magnificent structure is located on a small rocky island off The Coast (C596). At low tide it can reached on foot from The Beach (C615), otherwise you'll need a boat. You can hire boats at The Boathouse (A360046).

The lighthouse is an immensly tall structure of white marble. It's design is loosely based on The Pharos at Alexandria (one of The Seven Wonders of The World - see A601093).

The Lighthouse can be seen from most of the H2G2 world.

The Lighthouse contains many chambers - the important ones are described below (from ground floor going upwards).

*The Vault*

Where the valuables are kept - currently empty.

*The Living Quarters*

These are approximately half-way up the tower. All rooms have great views and many have balconies planted with exotic plants.

Alex A (U180229) lives here.

There are also many guest quarters available for temporary or permanent visitors.

Guest Room #1 (A617014) is occupied by Lighthouse Girl (U175854).

Guest Room #3 (F73617?thread=146847) is Inkwash's (U160431) room.

Guest Room #7 (F73617?thread=137376) belongs to St. Seven of Nine (U152281).

Guest Room #423 (F73617?thread=150964 ) is Tuc's (U183120) memorial room.

When Alex A's not arround, Jarvis the Butler looks after guests and visitors.

*The Games Room*

A comftable room, full of stuff for RPGs, board games and wargames. Alex A spends a lot of time here.
See A615575

*The Home Cinema Room*

Another comfortable room, fully outfitted with the latest audio-visual gear. See A615016

*The Observatory*

Full of exotic equipment for viewing both this and other dimensions.

*The Roof*

During daylight a huge mirror is used to reflect sunlight.

At night a powerful light beam lights up the sky - a different colour every day.

See F73617?thread=201793.

The roof also has magnificent views over the rest of the H2G2 world. The Towers (C599) are clearly visible in the distance.


*Other Lighthouses in H2G2*

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