The domain of TechnicolorYawn. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Hello. I am TechnicolorYawn, lit. to chunder, or as we have some american researchers present, to 'blow chunks' (woah dude, really rad, potato chips, sidewalk etc)
I am a student and wish to apologise in advance to anyone who thinks I should go out and get a proper job, kids today, I don't know, we should bring back national service, hangings too good for them. I also live about 4 miles from Manchester and as a result of these 2 facts spend a lot of my time drunk a lot closer to Manchester.

For everyone's common knowledge and for undercover goverment work, marriage proposals etc, my real name is Chris, I am 22 and I don't look it.

If you wish to spout off at me on a personal level, send emails to [email protected]
If you're REALLY bored you could visit my web page that I made. All by myself.

There, that was fun wasn't it.
Over the past months as an h2g2 researcher I have come to regard some of you as... people I met. The one's who have been the most talkative and haven't gone off in a huff when I've said something I shouldn't end up on this list.

ReapeR, an ex-university drinky-mate, who slept too much last year.
Yoda, currently one of my flatmates who has a serious drinking problem i.e. he doesn't. Ever.
TacticalChunder, A large Scotsman.
John-the-Gardener, The first person on h2g2 who would talk to me for any length of time (Sob)
Wingpig, Master of pies.
Ginger-the-Feisty, Apparently she's quite feisty.
Jenny A girl with an almost unhealthy knowledge of Cheese. And cake.
Isambard Fortisque St John Smithe. He's got a ponytail you know *snigger*
Helena. Ooh! the first h2g2 researcher who managed to find the time to actually email me. She also seems to think I have a mind like a sewer. I can't think why.
An Apple Tree For a tree, she is very talkative. And she awarded me the Mysterio Appearo Award. Lucky me.
FrogSpawn A friend who taught me the phrase 'to look at the world through your feet'
Bluebottle Who this week, would appear to be a fan of the A-Team.
Courtesy38 Spread a little courtesy round the world. Though not in the butter sense of the word 'spread', of course.
Ebany Another friend of mine. This time called Ebany. Gosh, aren't I popular?
MrP***Head Ebany's bloke. Also a friend of mine. (I should get a cash bonus or something for inviting all these new researchers).

Have you been Teasered yet?

Who's online?

An amusing enema
REALLY sick stuff. You have been warned. I take no responsibility for bouts of vomiting and/or childhood psychosis caused by this site [URL removed by moderator]
Toilet Humour
Yet more puerile cartoons
Stuff off the Graham Norton show [URL removed by moderator, dead link]

Given the current penchant for coloured writing on h2g2, I have done some.

Look! I have fish!
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