Howdy me hearties!

Well every-one I am back in my new home on the fourth floor
(it is a lot of work carring a refrigerator up three flights of stairs by your self.) Cruise sorta sucked I only managed to dive in Czemel and I really have no desire to go back to vera cruise........ever. I should update the rest of my page But I am not going to right maby later. feel free to drop me a line.
Hello from Texas A&M at galveston, a school for those studing marine biology (whale huggers) and those studing to get their USCG third mate's or third assistant enginner's license (cadets). As a former whale hugger I am happy to say that I am the latter. Cadets must cruise to forign and exotic ports each summer on the university's training vessel, The U.S.T.S. Texas Clipper 2. I intend to submit guide reports about the ports we visit. I will update this page regulary as I learn more about design or as new things occur me. Feel free to e-mail me (at [email protected] or ICQ me at 60656991) with your thoughts or comments.


We started with 2 and a half days in class,learning theory of fires and the use of firefighting equipment.
then the fun started.

Over the course of 2 and a half days we fought a lot of fires, first with the instructors guiding and calling out what to do (hose team one prepare to advance!) then after we had experience with every peice of equipment (SCBA, hose, CO2 estingushier, Dry chemical estingisher, radios, bunkergear, foam, applicator nozzels, overhaul, ect.) then each team (there were two (port, and Starboard) because our class was so big) was given two scenarios, one outside and one inside wich we had to fight on our own.(the instructors were there for safty only.) It was fun but I hope never to have to use it again.


News: I have been hit by a cupids arrow.
my significent outher and I got back together recently and all is well in the cozmos, peace and love to every-one.

Here it is THE 1999 SUMMER CRUISE ITINERARY!!!!!!!

Galveston, TX
Alexandria, VA
St. John's, newfoundland
St. George, Bermuda
Ponce, Pourtorico
cozemel, mexico
vera cruz, mexico
new orleanes, USA
Port Author, USE
Galveston, TX
Anyone with stories, experiences, or just want to say somthing about a port please do so. Thanks TAE

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