A Conversation for 5th Annual H2G2 Bikini Competition

I Nominate Friends to enter the Competition

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If you wish to nominate friends to enter the 5th Bikini Competition, say so here:

Please include their name, their user number and a decription of their bikini. For example:

Venus in Blue - U103832 - Wearing a Blue Bikini

Remember, if they do not participate, they cannot win!


I Nominate Friends to enter the Competition

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Rev Nick - dead man walking (mostly)

I appear to be the 2nd to place an actual nomination. And so, I nominate the most prolific person at Meets around the world

Amy, the Paper Lady, U180656

If anyone does not know her, or of her, well ... You should !!! She is a woman of good heart, charity, spirit and silliness, ... Oh, and living in California, she is obviously a golden-hued bikini goddess. That bit is just a given. smiley - winkeye

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I Nominate Friends to enter the Competition

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