A Conversation for 5th Annual H2G2 Bikini Competition

Enter The 5th H2G2 Bikini Competition

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If you wish to enter the 5th Bikini Competition, say so here:

Please include a decription of your bikini, and if you are nominating someone else, a link to their homepage:

Enter The 5th H2G2 Bikini Competition

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Prof Animal Chaos.C.E.O..err! C.E.Idiot of H2G2 Fools Guild (Official).... A recipient of S.F.L and S.S.J.A.D.D...plus...S.N.A.F.U.

smiley - winkeyemake it fast, it's bloody cold and wet here

does the entry cost any money ? it could effect my entry ?

Now! After a lengthy time of self debating and the considerable options of the choices of attire, I've come to the conclusion that I shall wear a top piece bra consisting of three cups.
As natural to "normal" people who wear bikinis, there’s a cup to cover each nipple at the front (yes! I only have 2 as well)
But! For the uninitiated who don't know me (or my smiley - weird and most times ODD humour) a cup for the back of me (you might have to read (gibber) my P/S to fathom that one outsmiley - whistle).
The bottom half of the bikini I have had a seamstress sew a codpiece to the front, this will probably not be noticed (can't brag if nothing to brag about eh!) I have chosen the colour purple for the bikini, as not only is it one of my favourite colours, but it helps to blend err divert from my skin tone, since the sun tanner unit malfunctioned and I walked out looking like an appaloosa.
Due to this anomaly, I’m now a trainer of camouflage techniques as long as I don’t wear the bikini again, as women don’t make the best snipers smiley - whistle and you know men, when bikinis are about!

Enter The 5th H2G2 Bikini Competition

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2legs - Hey, babe, take a walk on the wild side...

Oh... Ihave*to enter smiley - evilgrinsmiley - blushsmiley - diva

I've been working on the design... Its very... minamilistic... smiley - blush and very* strappy....

I've tried to theme it... err... which oughta be fairly obvious smiley - blush

A simple two cup affair, bra-style top, in pink, with gold lace detail, and very thin (and liable to fall off with the slightest movement) straps just* perilously gripping on for dear life to my shoulders smiley - blush

The gold detailing is picturing chinchillas on the straps, a couple of bondage ponies on each side, and, in black and gray/white, on the front of the cups... smiley - blush As one can probably see is the badger motief smiley - blush

The girl in John Lewis told me its not see-through when exposed to water... but I'm beginning to wonder smiley - blush

The lower half, to complete the outfit, is based, loosely on my origional (in)famous badger-thong design, only, of course, in pink... with, more gold edging designs of chinchillas and bondage ponies on the rear and waist straps smiley - blush

In keeping with the bra-bikini top, the black and white/gray badger print on the front portion which matches the little badger emblems to be found on the top, only a bit smaller than were origionally intended, but, well the fabric was expensive so I didn't really buy enough smiley - blushsmiley - diva


*frantically grabs slipping shoulder straps*smiley - blush

I might go for a swim... though... I wonder if the fabric really is see-through when wet smiley - blushsmiley - fishsmiley - schooloffish

Enter The 5th H2G2 Bikini Competition

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Rest assured that entry is free!

If you fancy a swim, and to catch up with the gossip, the best place is to go here: F44375?thread=8284723


Enter The 5th H2G2 Bikini Competition

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I'm not really here

Okay, time to defend my title! One I'd forgotten I had!

In honour of the season (yes I know it's only November) this year I'll be wearing a red velvet bikini, trimmed with white fur (no I'm not *that* old yet), with a few silver sequins nesting in a corner (of both top and bottom pieces), with sparkly body lotion to give me a subtle body shimmer. Cute Santa hat, with red sequins and white trim, at a saucy angle, and sexy red 5" strappy sandals with white trim.

How many words is that? Too many? I quite fancy meself actually. More than usual. I always fancy myself a bit anyway.

Now there, where's the pool?...

Enter The 5th H2G2 Bikini Competition

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This evening I'm modelling a halter neck two piece fashioned from leopard skin, guaranteed not to shrink and 100% biodegradable.

Accessorised with a load of bling, dollops of slap and a small gallon of heavy perfume!

As always, modest and understated.... smiley - biggrin

Enter The 5th H2G2 Bikini Competition

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turvy (Fetch me my trousers Geoffrey...)

Well. I'd forgotten about this. Soo...

I have decided to sport a Gaga-esque number. Starting right at the top with a dustbin lid hat. The bikini top is fashioned from two ribeye steaks held up by a string of butchers best sausages. The bottoms is made from a lovely piece of skirt held together with butchers string tied in pretty bows. The matching shoes are made from ham hocks.

The BBQ later will be a show-stopper I assure you all!smiley - yikes

No fear of me going for a swim though smiley - shark


Enter The 5th H2G2 Bikini Competition

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Welcome to the competition both of you.smiley - smiley


Enter The 5th H2G2 Bikini Competition

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minichessemouse - Ahoy there me barnacle!

*saunters in a bright Turquoise tankini top looking striking against her pale blonde fur, the bottom half of the bikini is a pair of blue lo-rise shorts with a small hole for a smiley - mouse's tail the shorts metch exactly the colour of the top half. The little smiley - mouse is also wearing silver rimmed blue sunglasses and a powder blue sunhat resting atop her ears. powder blue crocs adorn her feet and her towel (which doubles as a backpack) is sluck over her right shoulder. The backpack contains a bottle of factor 50+ childrens waterproof sunscreen and an Ereader as well as a large bottle of water*

So *this* is where the competition is!

minismiley - mouse

Enter The 5th H2G2 Bikini Competition

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Hello - welcome to the competition!


Enter The 5th H2G2 Bikini Competition

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*flutters in*

It is a bikini. Well. Sort of. The fairy dust that cocoons Vip has always baffled the eye a little bit, and the shimmer that is reflecting off the pool only serves to make the sparkle more mesmorising. The bikini is there, it covers all the right areas (shh, there at the back) but what it looks like... you can never quite be certain. Only that it's glittery. And moves. And, after a while, leaves this odd afterglow on your retinas.

smiley - fairy

Enter The 5th H2G2 Bikini Competition

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If you enjoyed entering the Bikini Competition, chances are you will enjoy entering The Water Games. See: A87764773


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