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Should h2g2 be renamed Donuts4You? It seems that all the researchers on h2g2 are becoming more and more Doughnut obsessed. What started out as Greebo's simple obsession, which she brought into every conversation, has spread and mutated until it seems that nothing on h2g2 can exist without some reference to them.

There are several examples of this obsession around the guide. The most obvious is Joanna's Doughnut conversation on the Beach. It is frequently the busiest conversation on h2g2. The researchers there have managed to create a very exciting Doughnut Menu displaying all the different types of doughnuts available. When the photo for the successful climbing of
'Mount Sand Everest' was taken, what did everyone say but 'Doughnut'?

If that was not enough, then there is more evidence of the Doughnut take-over. What is the title of the recent James Bond script in progress on h2g2? 'The Doughnuts Are Not Enough' of course! It seems that nothing is too much trouble for the Doughnut lovers' on the guide. Bluebottle has designed his very own doughnut 'smiley',
and we have 6 Researchers whose names include a reference to doughnuts. Check out; 'Pippa, The Garlic
Munching Doughnut', 'Doughnut', 'Donut' and 'Doctor Donut'.

When questioned about her motives in creating the doughnut stall, Joanna stated that:
'Doughnuts are important to this community because they are something lots of people have in common. From Greebo T. Cat, to Peta, to lots of new users and existing ones, many have visited the stall at one time or another. I'm sure that, if you searched the search
engine for the word 'Donut' you'd find plenty more examples.'

So, what will be the end result of this doughnut obsession? Personally, I foresee that all the Editors will be renamed Chefs, the Sub-editors will be renamed Cooks and the ACEs Assistant Doughnut Providers. If so, Approved
may well be renamed to Cookbooks and Journals to Recipes
, and Douglas Adams will be forced to publish a book called 'The Hitchhikers Guide
To The Doughnut'
( I dread to think what you will call us then! Ed.)

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