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Hungry after a hard day? Not had any breakfast yet? What more could you ask than a donut from J'au-æmne's stall at the H2G2 Waterworks and Beach? Because Donuts are good for you!

The Classics

This is a selection of the 'Classic' Donuts....

Classic Donuts
Name Description
ChocolateRing Donut with yummy chocolate icing
CinnamonRing Donut sprinkled with Cinnamon and Sugar
JamDonut with strawberry jam in the middle 1
SugarRing Donut sprinkled with Sugar
HoneyDonut covered in honey
Lemon CurdDonut filled with in Lemon Curd2

The Specials

And here are the specials...

Special Donuts
Name Description
Science Site Special [S3]Ring Donut, with Chocolate chips, covered in a mix of chocolate and strawberry icing, [marble effect] with small pieces of fresh strawberry.
S5Same as Science Site Special, but Superly Sugary!
S7Superly Sugary Science site special... sans strawberries!
S12Slightly syrupy, sugary spice science site special sans strawberries sublimenting sunflower seeds
S16Superly Sugary Science site special sans strawberries showing several succulent sliced sultanas singly suspended sub-surface!
Luxury Lime [L2]Ring Donut with lime icing, and chocolate chips
Luxury Lemon [L2a]Same as Luxury Lime, but with lemon.
I want a...[IWA]Toffee donut with fudge pieces, covered in dark chocolate
Chocolate Supremechocolate chips and chocolate sauce, is covered with chocolate icing and chocolate sprinkles, and
dusted with cocoa powder. Optional extra chocolate sauce... please ask for it when you order
Mobius StripAmazing donut with only one surface!
CheeseBy popular demand we now make donuts with cheese! Ask for your favourite type. 3
Gorgeous GalaxyRing donut, with dark chocolate icing, and a white chocolate lattice, sprinkled with edible glitter.
Eomando's4 Baked AlaskaDonut with chocolate ice-cream and chocolate sauce inside...or any other type
of ice-cream...just ask for your favourite.
Snow RainbowRing donut, with vanilla icing and rainbow sprinkles
Chocolate-Lime Laticechocolate donut with a lattice of lime icing
Heisenburg Uncertainty DonutThe wavefunction of this donut is such that you can only find out exactly what flavour it is when you bite into it! But don't worry, it's sure to be nice!
Metalic Hydrogen Cooled HUD [mhCHUD]This is what you get if you cool the donut down to just a fraction of 1 degree Kelvin... a different flavour every bite!5
DNAThe shape of this donut is what makes it special... it is a Double Helix, and available in any flavour you like!
Eomando's Secret DonutIt's yummy, and it's her own secret recipe.
Multicoloured Goo Donut [MCG]This is a jam donut with blue-goo coloured jam. And no artificial colourings! Honest...!6
Multicoloured Alabaster Donut [MCA]This is orange, lemon and lime flavour- alabaster colours!
JavaScript DonutCoffee flavour donut with programming code drawn in the icing.
Alker-Seltzer DonutHad too much virtual champagne last night? Virtually hungover? This donut provides a fast, effective virtual hangover cure.
Chaos DonutInvented by Yar, this donut has neon-green and neon-purple striped frosting... and has to be tasted to be believed!

You want another type?

We also make any other donut you can imagine7; you tell us what's in it, we make it! And if you're not sure... ask for a Surprise Donut!
Newly available:I've installed a new kitchen area - You can now have Kosher donuts

Also available...

We can also provide you with hot and cold drinks. Coffee is supplied by the h2g2 Café. We have a Jukebox too, now you can listen to your favourite song while eating your favourite donut


Eat and Enjoy!

Mt Sandcastle's Donut Stall proudly supplies the Aroma Café, the 24-7 Convenience store, and customers of the h2g2 Rep Cinema, as well delivering to parties and the rest of h2g2!

From now on I may or may not start trying to credit the people who first thought of the donuts on the menu. But I don't really feel up to trawling through lots of fora... if you wish to lay claim for a donut, post to this forum. Thankyou!!

1We do other types of Jam too... ask for your favourite!2Suggested by Peta3Vegetarian cheeses are available too.4Eomando is my deputy5Suggested by Joe aka Arnia6Suggested by Witty Moniker. Mew thought it should go on the menu.7EXCEPTION: S30 which I hope never exists

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